Long time!

The past week (29March-1April) has been the most amazing experience of my life! God has worked in so many ways in just four simple days!

Back in January I’d been on a weekend away with my church where pulse did the children’s/youth work. I was told that I am a leader and I just remember being overwhelmed by emotion and passion and most of all joy.

So on Monday when I walked in to the church to help set up, I wasn’t feeling God at all, I wasn’t even sure if God was that real…the description presented to me was ‘you looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp’ – which is fair enough! I had a classic case of the resting bitch face and I had no drive for God. How that would change!

Tuesday evening was the pivotal moment. We had spent some time with God and I got this sense that I was running away from something, so I got prayer. I spent 45 minutes with God wrestling things before the joy came. I sat there and laughed, a huge smile on my face and so much joy that my heart could not help but overflow with it all.

The rest of the week I was a totally new person, I had a constant smile, no matter how tired or stressed I was because God’s joy was my strength and I did amazing things that week – I even had the courage to pray aloud!

That weekend in January helped me realise exactly what I wanted to do for my gap year and this week merely reinforced that. I want God to transform me and use me in ways I can never imagine! So gap year pretty much sorted and only 5 months left with my family before I move out!



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