3rd-9th October

This week has gone so quickly, I can hardly believe that I’m into the second week already! We have been super busy as Pulse, with two weekend events to plan for and Pete out of the office, it’s been all systems go.

Home is fab, I’m living with Rebi and Alex (the other intern this year) we’re getting on really well and Alex is wonderful (as is Rebi!). It’s great to be living away from home, having the independence of living alone (sort of). I’m not homesick and I guess I miss my family in a funny way – not the conventional sort of sadness that you’re not around those people anymore, but in a way where I’m happy to be living my own life and happy for them to be living theirs too.

Last weekend we did a church weekend away at a place called Cloverly Hall in Shropshire. The Hall was amazing and the grounds were great for an early morning walk which was definitely one of the highlights of my days there.

Sunrise at Cloverly Hall

It was great getting to know the church as family and spending time with the kids. I felt totally out of my depth for some of it, especially when I was given the task of explaining the trinity to the children. I was convinced that I didn’t understand what the trinity was and therefore I was sure that I’d never be able to explain this effectively to the children. I was really nervous but talking with mum I realised that God would give me the right words to say (Luke 12:12). Sure enough, I had the right words (so much so that I can’t actually remember what I said). Part of my explanation involved using a pizza as a visual aid, there were three slices of pizza which represented the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The kids really engaged with this and were playing with it over and over again, pretending that someone had ordered a pepperoni pizza and then wished to learn about the Trinity which really helped me see that they had engaged really well with what I was saying.

God has definitely started working in my heart, making me question where my relationship with Him is actually at; with this came the image of me sat beneath the shade of an oak tree but only just underneath and I feel like that’s a representation of how I’ve only experienced some of what God can do, I’ve not really come close to the great power but I have the ability to move further into the shade and thus further into the power and embrace of God.

God bless!


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