10th-16th October

This week has been a little strange – totally different to last week anyway!

We had Monday off and so had an obligatory trip to Ikea, as you do! Got some lampshades and a shelf called Albert – that is his given Swedish Ikea name.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day in the office but in the afternoon we started to sort the unit which was fun, I got to test the pens and check they were all working, which, whilst menial, was definitely fun!

On Wednesday Jack, Alex and I went to Leicester¬†for a Stewardship conference which taught us about money, we all felt we had learnt the most about tax and pensions, which definitely isn’t a bad thing!

img_0453I somehow managed to mistake the coffee urn for the hot water and ended up having to drink a tea infused coffee – don’t ever try it.

Thursday was coffee. Alex had her study day and so Rebi, Jack and I went for a coffee just to spend time with me and talk about things which was good because my love language is quality time which means I feel really loved right now!

Friday was my study day which was really nice to have, I spent three hours of the morning getting into God’s word and thinking about a chapter of a book I’d read which was really nice to do – it felt like true quality time with God and with myself. Then, in the afternoon I went for a walk for an hour which was lovely, even though, as hard as I tried, I didn’t get lost. In the evening I cooked dinner for Alex as Rebi was out. Mum would be super proud, I cooked toad in the hole with mash and peas and sweetcorn and then I made chocolate brownie/cake for pudding but we were way too full up to have any dessert! Turns out I did take some things in when mum tried to get me to cook!

Saturday we were at a women’s conference called Devoted. It was a really good conference and I really enjoyed it, it taught me some things which changed my perspective a little bit. I went to a seminar in the afternoon called: living in God’s boldness rather than our inadequacy. We focused on Numbers 13:33 where the Israelites fixated on how they ‘seemed like grasshoppers’. This ‘grasshopper mentality’ was holding the whole nation back – God had already promised them this land but they decided to focus on their inadequacy and their weaknesses instead of God’s strength and His promise to them.

Sunday we had a day event in Aylesbury teaching kids about the gospel, we had lots of fun despite the really early start! We were telling some stories of David and it ended up with me on Pete’s shoulders pretending to be Goliath – safe to say I no longer have trust issues!

On Sunday evening Team Pulse went for a curry with Amy Walker who helped set up Pulse, it was really good getting to know her and spending time with each other – despite the fact I was exhausted!

This week God has unearthed some things that I need to deal with but, most of all, I’ve realised that I can start to think about myself. I’ve been taken out of a place where it was easier to think about other people and their needs and now I’ve been put into a situation where there is plenty of time for me.


  • Pray that I can work through these issues that have been unearthed.
  • Pray that I find peace in knowing that I can be selfish this year.
  • Pray that my journey in discovering myself is not hindered by anything.


God bless!




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