31st October – 6th November

Monday we had a normal day in the office before travelling to Birmingham to do a light party. The event went well (not as well as the 29th went) but I still really enjoyed sharing the gospel for the second time – never thought I was an evangelist! We had the most amazing samosa for dinner, genuinely one of the best things I’ve tasted!

Tuesday was our day off! It was a great day off, I slept for a long time before going for a walk. I went to Lidl to get some lunch (big up to the Lidl bakery) before going on a relatively long walk, getting lost and listening to some podcasts – I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Wednesday we were back in the office prepping for this weekend. I was struggling  lot with one of the talks I was writing for the young people – mainly because I also struggle with the things I will be taking about. It took me a while but when I went downstairs to work by myself things started flowing and I finally had some nuggets of wisdom to share with the youth!

Thursday was a delightful study day – my best one yet I think. I took a really nice walk to Waitrose where I planned to sit in the cafe and do some study/reflection on what I’d been writing on Wednesday. I couldn’t find the cafe when I went in so I did the surreptitious walk around the shop pretending I was looking for a product but I was definitely not fooling anyone! Eventually I found the cafe at the end of the check-outs and sat down with a cup of coffee and a banana. I started to reflect on the things God had been bringing up and it was good, I really started to think about my relationship with God and how I go about that. It really made me think and that’s good because otherwise I’ll slip into thoughtlessness. In the afternoon we took a trip to St Matt’s to say hello at the board meeting. It was a deeply uncomfortable situation for me, super intense but it was made better by the fact that I knew a few people there. We decided that fish and chips was the best option for dinner, but mistakenly I got the wrong sized portions, they were huge and we had one each so we all had chip babies after we’d finished!

Friday was a normal day in the office, I started to write the rest of my second talk for the youth although that was a bit of a sticking point, I was finding it super hard to get anything that would be beneficial for them to hear. In the afternoon we travelled to Cloverly hall where we met the church and started to get to know the youth. We played a massive game of animals which was really funny, especially as some people couldn’t get their heads around the noises to make!


Saturday I got up at 7:00m to watch the sunrise which was really nice although it left me feeling a bit tired. We had a session with the youth in the morning where we spoke about the gospel and grace before going into a session by me on heart things and what our heart looks like – does it feel like a place God would love to dwell? (check out ‘My Heart, Christ’s Home’). The afternoon was filled with spare time (there was an 8km walk but I wasn’t feeling that) so I had a nap instead and then when I woke up went for a walk with Rebi and Alex, we played a bit of football and ran up and down the pitch to keep us warm – it was freezing! We then helped to make ‘scarecrows’ (not Guys) to burn on the fire which ended up with a newspaper fight with the kids. After dinner we had a bonfire and fireworks before a quiz – I got a few answers but I think I was born in the wrong era to get many of them! I did however manage to get one of the TV programme theme tunes (Steptoe and son – thanks dad for that one!).


Sunday started off with a session led by Jack that was really good, he spoke well and I think that impacted quite a few of the youth. I then spoke on having a meaningful relationship with God and how they could go out of the weekend and continue to encourage one another in their faith. We packed up before lunch which was a roast dinner – the first one in 4 weeks, I’d forgotten how much I missed them! Then we had a final session for feedback and worship before making the journey home. Time for me to rest now!


  • For rest, that I, and the team will feel renewed again.

God bless!


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