7th -13th November

Monday was my birthday and a very well placed day off! I slept for quite a long time which was really nice to be able to catch up on some very much needed rest. I came downstairs and found that Alex and Rebi had decorated the lounge really nicely and then they sang happy birthday to me! They’d even popped party poppers without me hearing! They’re amazing.

img_0523 Rebi then went to spend time with Jack, Alex and I went to get food for the evening and then I made brownies because who doesn’t love a good brownie (they were really good)! Alex and I then got super bored so we went for a walk and we had a bit of bonding time which was really nice, it felt really good to talk about the deep things that we don’t necessarily think about in every day life.

In the evening Jack and Pete came round, we had Pizza and chips and garlic bread and watched pitch perfect. We then played a game called ‘chain reactions’ which was fun but quite hard, it required a lot of thinking and brain power. I got some really cute presents as well: Alex got me a really nice scarf which I have worn ever since (its blue – my colour!) Pulse got me some alphabet stamps with an amazing set of ink pads in a beautiful rainbow formation and a super cool handheld sticky tape dispenser!

Tuesday we had a day of prayer which was really nice to do, intentionally tapping into God time, I really liked that. We spent the time worshipping, saying what we were thankful for, praying for each other and we also listened to a pod cast – I really felt God say to me to be restful in HisĀ presence, the idea that in this season I need to chill and let God do the work rather than think it’s all up to me to fix the issues that arise. I think I’m starting to realise that the process is part of it all, that it’s okay to sit and wait because waiting isn’t passive.

I was super drained by the end of the day and ended up spending four hours in my room by myself catching up on my introvert time. I’ve never felt as desperate for introvert time as then but that’s okay, it gave me time to process the things I had felt were significant for people during that prayer time.

Wednesday I had intentional time with Jack and Rebi. As someone whose love language is quality time I always enjoy this as it means my love tank is filled on a pretty much monthly basis. It was nice to talk over some things that my study days had brought up. We talked a bit about discernment, which I have always seen as a very black and white right/wrong thing but its more than that I think so I will be exploring that a bit more in my study days etc.

Thursday was my study day, I got up at about ten and bumbled through the whole getting washed and dressed thing because who doesn’t love to have time in the morning. I then did some study which was good, I processed some of the stuff from Tuesday – that was really helpful to assure myself that waiting is cool, that if God wants me to be still and rest then that’s what I can do. I think I too readily try to rush through the whole ‘transformation’ process and then wind up having to do it a million times over to get it done properly. So this time now is for waiting and letting God work on me the way He wants.

Alex and I started off Friday with a big shopping trip for 16 people, getting ready for our Summer Of Service debrief/reunion, we managed a Spaldi (a speedy Aldi shop) before making our way into the office to do some “real” work. We did loads of small tasks in preparation for the SOS debrief and it was actually quite productive, although doing small tasks meant it didn’t really feel like that.

The evening was filled with great stuff, fab worship that just came together – God was totally there in the room moving and that was great to be a part of, I love to feel God moving in a room. We played the obligatory game of animals before finishing off with signs at like 1am.

Saturday was tiring, having crawled into bed at something crazy like 2am it was no wonder – I was ready for bed at 11 but FOMO kicked in and it would have been impossible for me to sleep with animals going on! We started off the morning with worship which again was totally anointed and I’d hate to do it any other way because now I know how amazing it is with God I can only imagine how dull it is without God and I don’t want that in my life, I want to thirst for God every step of the way with a passion burning hard inside my soul.

fullsizerender-4We got super snazzy Summer of Service T-shirts!

Sunday was a good day. Jack, Rebi and I all went to church in the morning before going to the house of the guy who leads the church (it’s an Anglican church so I’ve no idea what you call the “minister”) and I had lamb for the first time! It’s like a combination of pork and beef and in all honesty, not half bad! I played with their children for a long time before lunch but after lunch we played a game called ‘settlers of Catan’, it’s an interesting game, relatively easy to pick up but strategical so not one of my most favourite games, I still enjoyed playing though. We came home and decided to watch the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas special – genuinely a really funny series!


  • For next week in the office
  • For a safe journey home on Thursday this week
  • That I will take time to rest with God rather than just run with Him

God bless!


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