15th-20th November

Monday was a strange day for me. I woke up late and was in a really bad mood so I decided to spend the day by myself, simply for the safety of others! I made pancakes for lunch which was really nice, especially as I had been craving them for a while. In the evening we had young adults where we had pasta with bolognese – finally some real meat! We studied Acts 9 – the story of Saul on the road to Damascus and looked a bit further into that story, about how he would have felt and what it must have looked like – especially as he was one minute persecuting the Christians and the next minute speaking their truths!

Tuesday was a normal day in the office, we had our office meeting like usual and then it was just getting ready for Wednesday’s event.


Wednesday was office prayer, excellently led by Alex. We looked at the passage James 1:23 and in Proverbs 27:19. Both talk about what you see in your reflection, mainly do you see Jesus? I struggle with the analogy of seeing Jesus in the mirror because I’m aware that it’s still my body. So I take this passage to mean that when you reflect on your life and your actions (if you’re anything like me you’ll do this a lot in order to evaluate what you’ve been doing) when you do that, do you see Jesus in those actions? I know that I’ve changed a lot over these past 7 or 8 weeks and as a result of that I’ve seen myself grow to be more Christ-like and I know that others have seen this change in me – even over FaceTime!

In the afternoon we travelled to a training event for youth and children’s leaders. We ran the training and it went really well, the atmosphere was great and the teaching we had seemed to be exactly the right thing for them – even I left feeling encouraged!

We got home pretty late and so I was tired but I did some tidying at home and I packed my bag ready for going home on Thursday before going to sleep.

Thursday I got up super early, emptied the dishwasher, got the parcel from next door and did all the ‘adult’ jobs before setting off for the station. I walked to the station because why not, although I totally misjudged how far it actually is from our house! I got a bit lost but fortunately there are some people about that I could ask directions from. I managed to get my train alright, I was even early for the train which was impressive! It was a long journey and I nodded off a bit but I was excited so I didn’t really want to sleep. The tubes were fun, I definitely don’t like London, it’s too busy, no one has time to stop and take things in, it’s rush rush rush all the time – I don’t think I’m made to live like that, it’s far too easy to miss the small moments. I met mum at Wickford and we had a long awaited hug – definitely the best bit of Thursday (although it was all pretty good!). We then took a trip to Chlemsford and got on the park and ride into town so we could go shopping, that was fun, I got some fancy boots.

Friday was nice, I went and visited nan and granddad in the morning. It was really nice to chat with them. In the afternoon I went and saw Esther at the charity shop and we chatted for a while about how things were going.  In the evening Dan’s girlfriend, Alice came over and we had dinner together, mum dad and I watched pretty woman which Dan got me on dvd as a late birthday present.


Saturday I went out in the morning to town to do some jobs and to see the lady mum and I are friends with who sells The Big Issue. She was so excited to see me and greeted me with a hug, we chatted for a bit and I know that shed greatly appreciate your prayers. I then made cards for the Christmas fair which meant I got my creative out. Later in the evening I went and had dinner with a friend. We had pizza express which was really good, some amazing pasta and we nattered for a few hours. It was really good to catch up with her, we always leave it months before we meet up again but it’s still one of the best friendships I have, knowing that even if we haven’t seen each other in ages we can still talk for just as long and just as naturally as if we had never left each others’ side.Pizza Express food review

After pizza express I went to the pub with friends from school and we chatted about uni and work and life, I loved it but I couldn’t help feeling that I was a million times different from them already and we’ve only been apart for a few months.

Sunday I popped into church for a bit before getting the train to London. Mum was crying as I left the station and then she did the ‘I love you up down and around the world’ thing that she used to do when we were kids and it made me cry a bit so there I was sat on the train bawling my eyes out! The journey was fine, my train was a little delayed so I felt like I was cutting it fine for my connecting train but I made it. When I got home I read some more of my book ‘The Shack’ before promptly falling asleep for about 2 hours – a well needed rest!

We went to church in the evening, I really enjoyed it, the worship was really good because it was intimate and I really connected with a few things. The message was about how we are no longer slaves but we have been given an identity in christ that means we don’t have to live in constant fear of the consequences for our mistakes because God loves us and will always have His arms open wide for us to run into because we are His children and that doesn’t change.


  • For the lady who sells The Big Issue – especially over the Christmas period

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