21st-27th November


Monday was back to work after a relaxing weekend. We started our office meeting with the verse Psalm 29:11 and we talked about the areas we felt we had peace in and the areas we want peace in. I was blessed by feeling really peaceful that day about a lot of things which is totally great! One thing I really liked is that the verse Philippians 4:7 God’s peace transcends all understanding – God’s peace goes beyond the need to understand things and it takes the worrying out of . We prayed for the things we didn’t feel so peaceful in before cracking on with the meeting. By the end of the meeting there was a very long to-do list for me to complete but that’s okay, at least I’m busy!

In the evening we had young adults where we were looking at the end of Acts 9 and the whole of 10. We spoke about how Dorcus and Cornelius both served people who were ‘needy’. The group was invited to share if they felt called to help the needy – be it financially or in other ways which got us talking on how our five-fold ministry will affect the work we feel called to. We ended as we usually do, in prayer, praying that we would grow in our gifts and that we would use them to serve faithfully. Alex and I got in the car and chatted about it all and about how we want to encourage the guys.

Tuesday was our study day, it felt really weird being so early in the week but that’s okay. Alex and I went for a walk with Jenga the dog, over the hills and into muddy puddles and all around the country lanes, it was a good walk and I definitely enjoyed getting a bit muddy!

img_0607This was at the edge of the puddle, so imagine how deep the middle was!

I cooked lunch for us when we got home and then I got on and did some study. I had a whole list of things I wanted to do but I don’t think I actually got any of those things done! I read some more of ‘The Shack’ which I’m actually really enjoying, much more than when I first tried to read it! And I had a little wrestle with God about my lack of knowing what’s going on with me

Wednesday morning was prayer, we looked at Romans 8:18-39 which is actually a really great passage – I really like it anyway. I really like that in verse 26 it says: the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit intercedes for us through wordless groans. Intercede means: in the midst of (inter) giving up power (cede). The Spirit intervenes when we give up power, when we don’t know what to pray for but allow spirit to ‘translate’ our groans into prayers, we give up our power of words and worldly coherence and the Spirit comes into the middle of that relinquishing of power.

Verse 31 was our main focus: If God is for us, who can be against us? If God is almighty and the only ‘being’ that is above all else, then how can anything else even come against us? If God is with us and for us what dare stand against the great force that we become when God lives within us? Nothing has the ability to stand against us if we live with God – verse 37: no, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. God living within us allows us to be conquerors, in fact, more than that, we are greater because He is greatest. Therefore, if God is greatest and nothing is greater, nothing can be against us in a way that ‘overrides’ God being for us.

The rest of the morning saw Rebi, Alex and I in the unit tidying the shelves so we can start to get everything in order. In the afternoon I spent a lot of time doing prep for the Gospel Flash Cards which are being launched on Tuesday 29th November! I’m so excited for this, can’t wait for other people to be able to share the Gospel in such a relevant way! (Grab your packs here when Tuesday comes!).

Thursday  I wrote a blog for the gospel flash cards and did some prep for the Shine weekend. Jack, Rebi and I had a pretty deep chat about how God is everything so nothing else matters – we sort of had to agree to disagree on that because otherwise we could have talked about the same thing for ages! We got a delivery of jumpers for work so now we won’t have to wear our own jumpers and everyone will know we’re from Pulse! Rebi, Alex and I spent the last hour of the day tidying the unit which now looks awesome and we actually have space! The added bonus is that we know where everything goes so when we come back from a mission we don’t just dump everything by the door!

Friday we packed the car before setting off for Shine! Rebi had a meeting before we actually made it to Shine so we sat in Starbucks with Jack for a while. Then Megan arrived to pick Jack up to take him and all the tech to a CU event that we were booked for. Rebi, Alex and I headed off to Shine where we helped set up some stuff before dinner. Grace from YFC was talking in the evening and she had some really good stuff on how the media completely changes our perspective of beauty.


This is me with a bunch of beanbags in someone else’s car taking a trip around the site with all the seats in the back down

Saturday was a great day, cooked breakfast to start the day off before going into a talk from Rebi which was on how princesses know their King and warriors know who they’re fighting for. Then the girls had loads of activities they could do. Alex and I went into the prayer tent and had a chat with some of the girls in there, I definitely felt God in that moment. They had started off not wanting to be prayed for (that was totally fine) and at the beginning of the conversation they were quite rowdy and weren’t really paying attention but they quietened down pretty quickly and started to listen properly which was a blessing because we definitely had some good wisdom and challenging things to share with them – we even ended up praying for one of the girls at the end of it!

The afternoon held more activities on high ropes and things like that as well as crafty bits, I was in bracelet art where we made these pretty cool bracelets. img_0643We had dinner and then we had an evening session. Someone had said something to me in the afternoon that really hurt and made me start to compare myself to Alex and Rebi. When we started worship in the evening session I refused to sing, I spent time wrestling that comment over with God and telling myself that the things I was hearing about my lack of worth were untrue, the devil had a ‘WRONG NUMBER!’. In that moment with God I saw Him pick me up from my kneeling position, dust me off and stand me once again in front of His army to lead them in to battle.

Grace was talking in the evening session. When it came to response it was clear a lot of girls had been touched by the things she spoke about – a truly moving moment! They made their way to the front and all the shine angels prayed with them and leaders too! We went back into a time of worship and I was filled with utter joy and a renewed energy for God, it felt amazing.

After the session Alex and I had a fab chat with the girls from Hawkwell, I feel like we stirred something in them but I definitely got the impression that they’re hungry to seek God in everything. I love talking to them and realising how alive they are for God. Their passion to experience Him is so real and its a massive encouragement that I got to be part of that journey for a while.

Sunday felt really weird, we did a bitesize session helping Rebi before activities in the morning after breakfast so I was on bracelet art again for an hour before lunch – we had some really great homemade pizza- it was divine! Then we had our afternoon talk which Rebi led brilliantly on our purpose and how God has made us “for such a time as this”. The angels had a quick meeting before we all went home! Jack was dropped off in the morning so we travelled home with him too – he was preaching in the evening and we got back with a weird amount of time to spare so we went for a pub meal to kill some time (and also because cooking would have killed us!). The worship and talk was really great, totally felt God there using both to speak. We even managed, in our deliriously tired states, to go to the unit, unpack the stuff from the weekend and put it back in its place so the unit is still super tidy!


  • That I continue to find my voice in situations
  • For energy in the coming week
  • For the Gospel Flash Cards launch & our work load as a result
  • For super stretchy minutes on Tuesday

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