28th November-4th December


Monday we had a day off. I slept for what felt like ages, I definitely needed to sleep for that long considering the lack of sleep I got over the weekend. In the afternoon Alex, Rebi and I went into town and went shopping, it was really nice to spend time with them and lets be real, who doesn’t love that funny moment when you get a dress stuck and you have to have someone help pull it off!

In the evening we had young adults. We were looking at Acts 11 and how the church encouraged the new Christians. We ended with prayer for each other where one person stood in the middle and the rest laid hands and prayed for them, I was really encouraged by this and totally loved praying for other people, I definitely heard God in that time.

Tuesday we spent the day launching our Gospel Flash Cards and also starting to talk about holiday clubs and the content we include in that. The process is long and mentally draining and I was absolutely shattered by the end of the day but its good to feel progress happening.

Wednesday morning I packaged up some summer of service things to send out to people who weren’t at the reunion the other week. Then at 10 we started back on holiday club writing. By the end of the day we had loads of ideas for fun and games during the week, things for set and a few crafty things. We managed to create a grid with some sort of a plan for the teaching which was great, but again ended the work day feeling totally drained and in desperate need for introvert time. I will admit that I think I did so well in spending the whole day with people and still being able to function like normal towards them by the end of it.

Thursday started off with Alex, Rebi and I belting out the pitch perfect soundtrack in the car and then later in the office before the boys arrived – it definitely set up a good mood for  the coming day! We spent the majority of the day sorting out the grid for what we are teaching and we managed to get that to a point of near completion which was fabulous! I took a walk to Waitrose to be alone for a bit because I was feeling like I needed some space. I got a really nice bit of bread and some amazing juice – it was apple and rhubarb flavour. In the afternoon Pete and I began to cement the games for the fun stuff before we all met as a team again and went through changes to the grid.

I spent the evening in my room catching up on introvert time!

Friday I just wasn’t feeling it, I was super tired and felt like I hadn’t really had enough time alone. I started off the morning packing some Gospel Flash Cards before we went into meetings again about the holiday club we had been developing – we managed to finalise the grid by the end of the day which felt like a big achievement!

Saturday spent the whole day introverting in my room, I read the rest of my book, tidied and did my washing, essentially you could say I didn’t do much but it was really nice to laze about and get to be by myself.

Sunday we had church in the morning and then went for a meal at the local pub before heading back home where I facetimed the Grandparents and had a good chat with Dan. We watched some first dates before heading out again to a confirmation service. I had never heard of confirmation until then so it was all pretty new to me. The service wasn’t really what I was expecting but I came with an open mind and that definitely helped, it felt like I’d been catapulted back into time with all the formalities and things that went on.


  • A productive week doing holiday club prep
  • Good conversation in the places I go

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