5th-11th December


Well I definitely had a productive week, read on….

I even had great conversation with a lot of people!

Monday I packaged 24 Gospel flash cards! It’s so exciting to see them going out to people. It’s also extra exciting because we have a super cool label machine that prints addresses for us! I continued doing some prep for holiday club and although it seems so long away, I know that doing it now will mean I don’t have to worry about it in the months to come.

We had young adults in the evening looking at Acts 12. The bit that stood out most to me was the end of the chapter, not because Herod was struck down and eaten by worms (sounds kind of like an Indiana Jones movie) but because it focuses on how God’s word doesn’t fail even when the things of the world do.

Tuesday I was carrying on with the prep for holiday club. We went to the post office to post the 24 Gospel flash cards and ended up spending half and hour in there rather than it being a 10 minute job!

Wednesday yet again more holiday club prep!

Thursday I finished off the games for holiday club, a few adjustments to make but they’re basically done! I drafted the craft instructions too which means that craft is nearly sorted! I even started to think about small group activities, I guess you can say that I had a super productive day! I think overall it’s been a productive week, for me and everyone else! I was definitely exhausted after it all.

Friday Alex and I had a study day. I woke up pretty late but I felt rested which was good. I did some bible verse highlighting as I had loads of verses that I hadn’t ‘saved’ in my bible. I then went and posted some more Gospel flash cards before going on a little walk so I got some fresh air. I came back off of my walk and felt really angry for some reason so I emptied the dishwasher and did the bins whilst processing it. I then journaled a bit and realised that God is speaking to me about the hurt I’ve ‘picked up’ over the years – specifically the stuff guys have made me feel. I knew I was still hurting from some of the stuff that had happened but I never really wanted to deal with it. Looks like now is the time! While this is scary for me, I totally trust God with this, I know He only wants the best for me, that He wants me to live in freedom rather than the chains of my hurt.

Saturday I spent a long time in bed just listening to music and stuff, it was great to catch up on rest and introvert time. In the afternoon Alex and I took a trip into town to return some stuff before coming home and cooking. I feel like Saturday went super quick without me even realising it!

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 19.12.20.png

My first Christmas present!

Sunday I walked to Jack and Pete’s before getting a taxi to church. We had Christmas dinner afterwards as a church family and we even had a little quiz thing to go with it! Jack, Rebi, Alex and I all got Christmas presents from the vicar’s children (who are our best friends). Every year they get to go to Poundland and make a list of people they want to buy a present for, I was truly touched to find out I was on their list, definitely made my day.


  • For peacefulness as I’m feeling a little unsettled right now
  • That I have enough grace to forgive those who have hurt me

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