12th-18th December


I definitely felt peaceful this week and that was really nice to feel the calm. I also, after a bit of a battle had the strength to forgive a lot of hurt that happened and to move on, it no longer feels like such a weight.

Monday held more holiday club prep but fortunately we’re coming to a point where we can’t do much else until a few big things have happened so it’s slowing down a little in terms of workload. After work Rebi and I went to Sainsbury’s to get some petrol and ended up Christmas decoration shopping (Alex had gone to do a spaldi). When we got home we did some decorating and made the house look all Christmassy before going to young adults. We looked at 1 Peter 1:3-9 but I really liked verses 6-7, the fact that our faith comes out worth more than gold because everything but faith will eventually fade away.img_0711

Feeling all Chistmssy at home.

Tuesday started off in the office with making a list of food for our Christmas dinner together on the 21st. After that it was off to work doing some holiday club craft prep. I spent most of the day making a pretty document which I am oddly proud of! For dinner Alex and I had chips which was great, we’d been craving them for a long time. I then went to my room and did a bit of drawing which I was pretty impressed with – didn’t think I was that competent. I then FaceTimed mum and dad for a while before heading bed for an early night.img_0697

The border that I drew in the evening – obviously with a mandatory bible verse (Psalm 63:3)

Wednesday¬†started off with office prayer where we shared our favourite verses (mine is Isaiah 43:2 if anyone wondered). The rest of the day I spent editing some of the documents I’d written and then I had a cupboard and workspace tidy so now the office is super neat.

Thursday was tough, really tough. I felt really emotional and everything in me was fighting back tears which made everything ten times worse because then things started to build up. I had a good old cry in the end but that’s allowed and I did feel better afterwards – I just needed an emotional poo!

Friday we were doing even more holiday club prep although its getting down to being just the small things now which means its slowed down a lot. Alex and I left work early so I took the opportunity for some introvert time when we got home. Alex was great and made pizza dough so we had homemade pizzas which were gorgeous.

Saturday I was all by myself, Alex was on mission and Rebi had gone to see friends, so I had the house to myself! I watched a couple of awful Christmas films that were on tv and then I read some of my book before Rebi got back. There’s a lot of deep stuff in my book so it’s been quite hard to get my teeth into but it’s getting better the further I go on. We watched The Hobbit on our new TV in the evening which was incredible, the TV is awesome. I had my very first pancake with bacon and maple syrup, oh my goodness it was amazing!img_0710

Aforementioned bacon and maple syrup pancake (we had chocolate chips in the pancakes too!)

Sunday I was at church supporting Pete as he was guest speaking. I had to get up and talk about Pulse which was pretty scary to be honest and I don’t remember making any eye contact although I do remember looking around the church! Pete spoke really well he had a super hard passage (Genesis 9:18-end of chapter). We then had a bring and share lunch which was nice, it was a bit sparse but we had some good chats and there was a question time at the end so I think people got a lot from it which is great. We had a chilled afternoon before going out to church for the carols by candlelight service where I was doing a reading . After the service we came home and watched the apprentice, although I Facetimed mum during the middle of it so I missed a majority but it was good to talk to her. Rebi and I then stayed up until midnight talking, it was really nice to talk like that, I don’t feel like that’s happened in a long time!


  1. For great conversations at home.
  2. For what is to come, just thinking about the future and what that might hold.
  3. For a restful time over Christmas.

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