19th-25th December


Last weeks prayer requests have been an ongoing thing so a few of them are the same this week, I’ll find out after Christmas and look back retrospectively on how they’ve been answered – I’m certain that they will be!

Monday saw a lot of the same work as the past few weeks, I was doing gospel Flash Cards still and the holiday club packs were still being edited – although they’re super close to finished. In the afternoon Alex, Rebi and I went downstairs to have another sort out in the unit, this time of the craft cupboards and we even did a fancy dress cupboard!

Instead of young adults this week I went to beer and carols at a pub with St Matthews. I walked into the pub thinking that I would be sat around with the church family having a bit of a laugh and listening to carols – turns out we were the ones singing the carols! I had great fun – we even got a buffet!

Tuesday, again I was editing the holiday club packs but then I had intentional time with Jack and Rebi. This was hard for me and I spent a lot of it in tears but it was necessary and crying is cathartic so there’s nothing wrong with it! In the evening Alex and I did a spaldi for Christmas dinner and then we decided to do some prep for the dinner so we were sat in the middle of the lounge peeling potatoes and carrots and parsnips, I had to call mum to ask how to cut up swede!

Wednesday we had a whole team meeting which was actually really productive and we got through a lot of stuff. After the meeting we were told what our team Christmas surprise was – although it turned out that Alex and I were the only ones who didn’t know what we were doing! We got changed and travelled to the trampoline park where we had an hour and a half to bounce to our heart’s content. We played volleyball and dodgeball and there was even a sweeper arm that you had to jump over – I won this challenge both times and even beat Pete at it! After we had done bouncing we came home and Rebi, Alex, Amy and I all cooked the Christmas dinner before the boys came round. It was genuinely one of the best Christmas dinners I have ever tasted – especially the roast potatoes which we had prayed over before-hand! We spent the evening chatting and playing chain reaction.2016-12-23-photo-00000090

Thursday I packed up and went home! I did the washing up from our Christmas dinner with Alex and then Nan and Granddad came to pick me up so I loaded all my stuff into the car and off we went! It took us 6 hours in total to get home but I slept for quite a lot of the way so I can’t say I remember it being too long! We got home safe and it was great to be home.

Friday I had my friend Emily round and we chatted with Dan and his girlfriend. We had dinner together and then played games together at the table which was hilariously fab.img_0748

We found out how exciting snapchat and a ‘selfie kit’ from the charity shop could be!

Saturday I went over to a friend from college, and then I waked to our Christingle service where I was quite happy to sit and just watch but it turns out I was needed as a runner for wires and things but that was fun all the same. It was good to see everyone again and catch up a bit especially as I hadn’t seen a lot of the youth in a long time.

Sunday we had a quick service at church before going on to my Aunt’s for lunch and dinner. We played games and even went for a quick walk which was nice, although very cold!


  1. Good conversation with family
  2. Grace and wisdom in difficult situations over Christmas

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