26th-1st January


I’ve had a couple of great conversations over this last week, although they weren’t necessarily with the people I had imagined they would be. I’ve had a couple of really deep chats about God and it’s been really good to think about my faith critically.

The difficult situations seem to have ceased for the now but they did happen a few times and I feel that I did deal with them with maturity and with grace. I’m learning that I have to let go of these things and put them into God’s hands and then trust Him with that.

Monday we had a lady who sells The Big Issue over. She brought her son who is 5 months old, usually I hate babies but he was an exception, he was so smiley and he hardly made a sound all day! We all had lunch together and then we dropped them back home. I started some knitting which went hilariously wrong!

Tuesday we had all the cousins from mum’s side over. We played games and ate and stuff so it was all the classic Christmas activities. I started my knitting again, this time with Nan’s help so now it looks more normal!

Wednesday I woke up and then went for a walk with a friend, that was really nice, and it mean that I felt great all day! Then we headed off to nan & granddad’s for lunch and to see our cousins (they live near Preston so we don’t get to see them a lot). Mum, Dan and I met dad after  work and then we all went shopping. Our original aim was to find a jacket for dad because mum doesn’t like his current jumper, it ended up that Dan and I both found jackets but dad didn’t! We had dinner and then went back to nan & granddad’s where we played our own version of ‘speak out’ (youtube it – it’s hilarious).

Thursday I had the glorious pleasure of waking up late, as I have done so every day this week (probably much to my mother’s annoyance) so I managed to just catch the morning  before it was lunch time! Mum and I then decided to go for a walk down the pier – we usually do an annual walk with more of our family but logistically we couldn’t do the this year. When we got to the end of the pier we saw seals, I thought I was hallucinating and mum thought I was mad! We came home and then went out with dad for a coffee at Waitrose.img_0783

The sun as we walked back down the pier was so beautiful – I love marvelling at God’s handiwork!

Friday I met up with my friend Emily, we met in town and did a couple of ‘errands’ before going on to Waitrose for a coffee. We sat and chatted for a while which was good and then we made a spontaneous decision to make salted caramel cookies! Oh my goodness, those cookies are amazing!img_0790

Em wanted to get in the shamelessly set up Instagram photo!

After Em had gone home, I did some journalling, and then Jazz came and picked me up. We took a road trip to Tesco to get food for her dinner on Saturday. Then we dropped the shopping off at hers and walked to mine where we chatted for a good long while, it was really nice to catch up with her properly. I then went for a late night jog because I was feeling a little restless in my soul. I jogged with my worship music loud and by the end I felt 100 times better than before.

Saturday was my lazy day, I started coming down with a cold, the classic sniffly nose and wooly head but let’s pray for speedy recovery because I refuse to have this for any more than a week! I watched Grease and did some knitting, because why not! Mum, dad and I then went out for coffee where I had a salted caramel latte (I highly recommend) before coming home, having dinner and watching The King’s Speech. It was an interesting film although it was really slow and Colin Firth isn’t my favourite actor of all time. I was planning on making it to bed before 12am, however the fireworks were incredibly loud so there was no point!

Sunday we didn’t have a church service so instead listened to a podcast as a family. Then we went to Gran’s house for lunch – it was really nice and we spent some time there chatting. We came home and went through our 2016 Jar and then I started packing ready for tomorrow to go back to Wolverhampton. It feels weird to have been in Rochford for so long this time, and while I know it’s home, I recognise that maybe my home has shifted a little bit further North for now.


  1. Continued peace in a period of uncertainty.
  2. Speedy recovery (before next Sunday!) and continued good health.

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