2nd-8th January


I’m definitely feeling less concerned about my future and the uncertainty it appears to be holding at the moment.

Monday I travelled back to Wolverhampton with mum and dad, we also picked up Alex. Once back in Wolves mum, dad and I went for lunch at a pub. It was nice to spend time with them and eat because food is great, let’s be real. They dropped me off home and then we said goodbye, they drove off and I walked inside. I had a great chat with Alex in the evening, we talked for quite a while so it was nice to catch up and find out what went on over Christmas with everyone.

Tuesday I spent the morning pretty much asleep, I was tired! Rebi got home in the afternoon and she brought with her a coffee machine so we had a tutorial on all of that, it’s actually harder than you’d imagine. Afterwards we went for a spaldi because the food situation was dire, we had some cheese and that was about it! We had a nibbles tea as we weren’t all that hungry and I made apple strudel from left over pastry – it tastes pretty good to be honest! We watched some tv before heading to bed.

Wednesday was back to work, Alex and I spent most of the day photographing, numbering and arranging the cutouts for our holiday club themes. It was hard work but we got there and the area now looks 10x tidier which is very satisfying!

Thursday I did lots of odd jobs on documents for holiday clubs before going into town with Alex and Pete to get things for an event on Sunday. We ended up coming back to the office with 280 plastic footballs!

Friday I again did odd jobs on documents and developed a few activities for holiday club teaching. I also went down to the unit and sorted out the info boxes so they’re now really neat and tidy and full of flyers which is great! Jack came round in the evening and we watched a film called ‘Airplane’ it was weirdly enjoyable and actually quite funny!

Saturday I slept in until 11 which is pretty late even for me – at least I got my 12 hours! I spent the morning (or rather, what was left of it) updating my blog and writing in my journal. I also caught up with a daily bible reading I have. It has some good stuff in it but I find myself longing for it to go deeper into the bible verses, to stop talking about the superficial and seemingly trivial things and get down to the nitty gritty, the stuff that really matters. For the rest of the afternoon, Rebi and Alex tidied their rooms and I started on the adult jobs, cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors – mum, I even did some dusting! I did run out of adult points and so went and had time by myself for the evening, making sure I was stocked up with introvert in preparation for tomorrow’s mission.


Giant games! Kerplunk, Jenga, hungry hippos and human table football.

Sunday I was up at 7, ready and raring to go. We went to church in the morning before heading on to the unit where we loaded up the trailer (we had to borrow a trailer because the van had gone in for its MOT) before travelling on to Whitemoor lakes! We set up everything and then the band started practising. After running through most of the songs we tucked into pizza which was great, I’d really been looking forward to it. The event went really well – we had giant games which seemed pretty popular and Rebi’s talk was really great, she spoke about how we might think the bible is irrelevant but actually we’re still living in that story, we’re continuing on that story because it’s all part of a bigger plan. It was really great to see people responding to the message and likewise to Jesus.


  1. That I continue to set my eyes on Jesus in all that I do.

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