9th-15th January

Monday we had a day off so I slept in and recovered from the event, boy was I tired! We then took a trip to the tip in the rain and dumped some of our stuff before doing a spaldi and taking a fly-by trip into town to return some clothes. Rebi and I stayed in the car while Alex did the returns and when we went to start the car it wouldn’t start and the alarm went off instead! We had to get in and out of the car a few times before it finally started and we could move! We then took a quick trip to Sainsbury’s for the things we couldn’t get. We had a cheeky car wash around the corner from Sainsbury’s as we ate our frubes.

Alex and I found some astronaut costumes before going for a car wash with our frubes

In the evening Alex and I went to young adults. There’s some issues in the group that need breakthrough which is really frustrating because I just want to sit there and talk through them but it’s hard to do that when some people don’t want to start change in their life.

Tuesday was the commencing of set week! We had an office meeting before we got started and then we waited for our trustee Mary to turn up as she was helping us out with set. We started just before lunch touching up some of the set we already have and I must say it now looks incredible! After what felt like a really long day (I’d been processing some heavy stuff) we came home (we got to leave early as there was a power cut at the unit) and Rebi and I did a Taylor Swift workout – it actually felt really good although it did hurt a lot! We’ve started to try and do 20 minutes of exercise a day, just because we can!

Wednesday was set again so continuing in making the cut outs better than they were, adding more pizazz to them – I personally am super excited about this new set! At lunch I went for a walk with Rebi, I needed to verbal after all of my processing. We talked and I felt a lot more at peace about the whole thing which was really nice to have. We came home and did a tightening work out, oh my goodness some of the exercises really hurt!


The table where our creative happens.

Thursday again on set, we finished off touching up the last bits and then moved on to adding shadows and drawing new cut outs. I’m really enjoying this week, it’s great to be able to paint every day, it fulfils my creative tank. Today wasn’t too fun as I was in a lot of pain but I managed to solider through and in the evening I took some paracetamol and ibuprofen which helped a lot, although I still couldn’t sleep for the pain. Eventually I managed to fall asleep though which is a relief!

Friday was my study day. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, I feel like I’ve been forced to, I mean it’s all anyone asks about when you say that you’re only doing a year long internship and it’s hard to get to January without thinking about what the year holds. Sometimes I want to know what I’m doing and other times I don’t and I’m happy to leave it in God’s hands but right now it’s stressing me out because I don’t know where I’m being called and I don’t want to feel forced into making a decision for me rather than for God. I really just want to live in the moment right now and just let God set things up, because let’s be real, what use is it if I worry about it? God has it all under control anyway.

Saturday I spent sleeping, being creative and watching tv, although Alex and I made a great curry for dinner which was super fab! It was a restful day which is really good as I’d been feeling a bit worked up over things so hadn’t felt rested.

Sunday was church in the morning, we got invited out to lunch which was a nice surprise! I had a little nap in the afternoon, because naps are great and definitely a healthy thing to do. I spent some time updating my blog and then I spent some time worshipping God before we headed out to church.


  1. For my future and what it holds, where my calling is and clarity in that. (Prophetic prayers are greatly appreciated and if anyone has anything feel free to email me with them! jessie7alexander@gmail.com)
  2. For the relationships I have with people in Wolverhampton who are outside of Pulse, that they would develop and grow deeper.

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