16th-22nd January


My relationships are definitely growing deeper with people here and that’s great to see, it’s also really great to feel like I’m beginning to fit into the community.

Monday was the start of another set week so lots of painting all day which was great – I really do love being creative for work! Then after work Alex, Pete and I went for a 4.5 mile run. I went because I felt like some exercise but Alex and Pete were going because they are doing a half-marathon so it was wise for them to train a bit. We got back home and Pete basically talked me into doing the half-marathon with them, which feels great to say that I’m doing one but also a little daunting. Ok, a lot daunting.

Tuesday was a really productive painting day which means we’re very nearly done with cut outs! Jack came round for dinner and we watched some tv before I headed to my room and watched half of Sherlock because mum FaceTimed me. We had a really long, but good chat about life and stuff which is really great – our relationship dynamic is definitely changing but in a good way! I didn’t go to bed until really late because I was busy with my creative juices flowing. Mum had given me a challenge to memorise a verse every week and so I thought I’d start straight away by making a bit of art from one to help me remember in picture form.

Wednesday was a mix of things. I did some ‘normal’ office work before heading down to do some painting. I decided I’d spend time with God while I was painting, it felt like the right thing to do. I felt really good after that and even starting spurting some wisdom when Alex came down and started painting! After work we did some exercise to the trusty youtube videos, we decided we should do some pilates because new adventures are always exciting however we managed to pick a ten minute video that turned out to be only the warm up! We then did a 7 minute workout video which was super intense before getting dinner which was chips and beans from the chippy! Looks like we put on all that we’d just worked off.


Chips and beans are officially life

Thursday I felt super tired. I’d been up late on Tuesday and that had really caught up with me, I think the early mornings had caught up as well so I was feeling a bit drained. I did some office work before we went to get some old newspaper from the express and star in town, some paint from a paint shop and some wallpaper paste for papier-mâché. We got back from that trip and had lunch before setting about on some more office tasks and then going downstairs to finish off a few painting bits before the day ended.

Friday was our study day so I had a nice lie-in (I got 12 hours of glorious sleep) and I did a lot of journalling, turns out I’d written a load of entries in my phone but not into my diary so I caught up with that. I did my washing and had lunch before going for a 6 mile run with Pete and Alex. It felt really good, I definitely pushed myself so we’ll see how well I fare on the next run! We came home and had dinner and watched some TV. I updated my blog and had a couple of phone calls with my friend.

*I’m aware I talk a lot about being tired and sleeping a lot. I don’t think it’s a medical problem. I like to sleep a lot and I don’t always get to sleep early.

Saturday I got up early and did a shop at Lidl, I walked half a mile with my shopping bags so I can officially call myself The Hulk! Alex and I then did a full house clean in preparation for her parents coming to stay.


I was tidying my room and soon discovered I have a vaseline hoard…

I had lunch and then went to introvert up so I was ready to get my extrovert on. When Alex’s parents got here we had a drink and then they went out to walk the dog before going out to dinner. I watched dirty dancing because I hadn’t seen it in a while and why not! We had conversation when everyone got home before heading off to bed.

Sunday was a pretty great day. I got a lift from Alex to church in the morning and then I had conversations with people after church (I’d set myself the challenge of getting tea and talking to 2 people which I successfully nailed). After that, I walked home which while it looked like a long walk it was actually really nice. It took about an hour all in all but it was great processing time despite it being super cold! Alex’s family went home soon after I got back so Alex and I chatted about the weekend and stuff which was really good and nice to clear our heads a bit. We headed off to church in the evening where Rebi was speaking. The worship was really good and Rebi was totally in tune with God which was great.


  1. For clarity in areas of my life that make very little sense right now and wisdom in the situations that arise as a result.

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