23rd-29th January


I would say that since last week I definitely have more clarity, but in the form of peace. It feels a lot less scary and I’ve definitely seen God working in this area of my life which is just fab to see!

Monday was a relatively normal day. I had intentional time with Jack and Rebi which was fab, definitely put my mind to rest about a few things. Alex, Pete and I went running – only three miles this week but it was the hardest run I’ve done, we kept stopping and starting which was really hard on my muscles but I made it through! We headed off to young adults in the evening and had a really great time, I feel totally blessed by the group, despite not going to their church I feel welcomed and that’s great.

Tuesday I spent most of the day doing tiny little bits of work. We’re at a really awkward stage where documents just need the final finishing touches so it doesn’t feel I’ve been doing much. In the evening I did some journalling and had some time with God before FaceTiming Dan. We had a pretty good chat which feels really strange to say because we only ever used to argue but I’ve definitely noticed that our relationship has changed to be more positive which is really great! I had a conversation with mum and dad after Dan decided he’d had enough of me, that was good we talked about the weekend because they’re coming up – mum had already thought about sleeping and things and I’d not even thought about that yet! Looks like I’ll have to start thinking about it all.

Wednesday was just a tragic day at work. I was working on one document that should have taken maximum of 2 hours but instead it took 7 hours! Everything seemed to go wrong and I had to have an angry jump in the office when my printing didn’t work – it was quite funny looking back  but it was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced. We came home, had dinner and then we had an hour to ourselves before we played some games together. This was really fun, I won all the games too so you know, added bonus!

Thursday proved to be a relatively normal day. I did some laminating and cutting out whilst finishing off some more things and just generally doing small tasks but it still felt quite productive.

Friday I had a study day so I got the house ready for when mum and dad were coming and I started looking at Mark which is intriguing. I love that the way the book is written it feels almost like a list of all the great things Jesus was doing at the time which is really cool. It’s like all the stuff that happened in-between didn’t really matter, actually the fact that Jesus did/does miracles is the important and amazing bit.

Saturday I took mum and dad to an antiques centre before going on to Shrewsbury where we got pizza and had a little shopping trip. We cam home and had a waitrose coffee and a chat before heading back home where I cooked dinner (and got some chips from the chippy!) we ate and had conversation with Rebi and Alex which was really great.

Sunday we had a special breakfast of pan au chocolat & croissants, they were really nice! We then headed off to church before having lunch with Rebi (Alex had been invited out) and that was really great. We came home and then mum and dad left soon after. It was a great weekend with them. We went to church in the evening, the worship was really good and I felt really peaceful which is really nice, especially after a while of being in a place of disorder.


  1. My mind has felt pretty restless, I’m in a place of feeling unsettled so prayer for ‘peace in the disorder’

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