30th-5th January


Monday I had a study day so I did a bit of that and I also tidied my room because that’s something that really needed doing.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day in the office, getting things ready for the weekend, tidying the unit and finishing off a few odd jobs that still needed doing.

Wednesday was first aid training for Jack, Alex and me. It was a lot more fun than I was anticipating and now I feel qualified to save a life – you’re safe with me! The course Alex and I were on finished early so we went into Birmingham and did some shopping while we waited for Jack to finish.

Thursday we started with a meeting about what we needed to do before heading down to the unit to sort out some storage solutions. We had a lady come in mid morning to sort out some of our set pieces. While she was painting we looked after her children, playing and building things. It was an exhausting day but also pretty fun!


An arch that I made, it was promptly pulled down by the kids!

Friday we went into the office at 9 to get the last few bits ready before heading off in the van. We arrived in Eastbourne at about 2 and so we met up with a past intern who lives nearby and had lunch with her. After lunch we drove to the venue and started to set up our stall. It was quite slow exhibiting, there was only a trickle of people so it didn’t really pick up. We went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant which was a new experience for me, I did really enjoy it though!

Saturday we got up early (like 7am early!) to go for a run which was absolutely insane! We did the run, had breakfast before heading off to the conference to start exhibiting again. Most of the day was spent exhibiting which made the day feel super long, especially as we still only got trickles of people. In the evening we went to an Indian restaurant before heading off to bar where we listened to a live musician and had good conversation together.

Sunday we packed our bags before heading off to the conference again to finish exhibiting. We packed up and then drove to Tonbridge where we had dinner with one of our trustees and his family. It was really nice and even though I was absolutely shattered from the weekend, I really enjoyed myself.


  1. Pray for the upcoming week, that is restful but productive

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