6th-12th February


This week was somewhat restful, I’ve definitely recovered from last weekend which is a relief, and my time at work, and my thought life have both been quite productive which is good!

Monday was spent in Tonbridge. We met mum there and had breakfast together before going round the charity shops but we didn’t find much so decided to get a coffee in Waitrose. We ended up talking for quite a while which was really nice, we talked about a lot of things and even cried together which felt a little bit weird but also totally normal! Before we left Tonbridge I filled up the van – it was my education for the day so now I know how to refuel a vehicle! We travelled home and then unloaded the van before heading home. We caught up with Rebi for a bit before I went upstairs to bed.

Tuesday I had a wonderful day off. I slept most of the day and did absolutely nothing apart from tidy my room and eat. I caught up on my introvert and did some journalling but other than that it was a great day of rest!

Wednesday was a funny day. We had an office meeting, worked out some jobs, updated our diaries etc before doing half an hour of work and then coming back together for office prayer. We looked at Psalm 84. The verse that stood out to me the most was verse 10:

For a day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else; I would rather stand as a doorkeeper at the threshold of the house of my God than to live at ease in the tents of wickedness.(Amplified version)

I like it because it reminds me that actually nowhere can satisfy my soul like being in the presence of God, that nowhere on Earth is half as good as a just one day in the courts of my King. I really liked the imagery of a doorkeeper as well, although it may seem like a lowly and menial job you’re still working for God – I don’t know about you but I want to do God’s work all my life! The final part also speaks to me, I’d much rather endure the trials of life knowing that my God is with me than to live a life of ease in amongst wickedness.

We finished off prayer time by praying for different aspects of our work and the world.img_0949

In the afternoon Alex and I had a meeting about craft to finalise a few things, tick off a few jobs and work out exactly what we needed to do next. That felt productive despite it totally frying my brain.

Thursday Alex and I started late so went shopping for a few bits, toiletries and food mainly. I did some stuff on my blog, rounded up the stats on the Gospel Flash cards, helped pack the car for Rebi and Alex to go to an exhibition and I finished some crafts so we can get on with finishing the craft pack! Rebi and Alex left and so I had the office to myself for a couple of hours before I walked home. I made myself dinner and had an hour long conversation with my friend about Jesus which was really great breakthrough. We’ve been friends for about 5 years and I’ve never been overly pushy about faith because I know that she can make her own mind up about it, she knows its an option. But I’ve put in hard work behind the scenes and it definitely feels like it’s paying off, it’s a joy to see and really encouraging actually.

Friday I walked to work in the snow! It was only a tiny flurry but still, snow is exciting. Got to the office and discovered I had a bleeding foot so decided to put my first aid training into use, fortunately it wasn’t serious! I was the only one in the office which was weird but nice, it meant I could have a day of introverted work. I started on a talk that I’m doing next weekend, that felt like really slow progress and I spent most of the day working on that, I had a lot of ideas that didn’t make the cut so I’ve only got a little bit of work to show for all my brain power.

IMG_0954.JPGI also took a delivery of 12 boxes by myself, carrying those up stairs was not fun! I unpacked the boxes and sorted out where the stuff belonged before flattening the boxes. I did some more work

Saturday morning Alex and I went for breakfast with some friends, it was great to chat and to get to know them a bit more whilst having food! I did a bit of journalling when I got home, some things were weighing on my mind a bit but in a good way!


Rebi’s friend came over in the afternoon so did a bit of socialising until everyone came over at 4 to watch the Rugby game. It was actually a good game although, the most entertaining part was watching everyone’s faces during play! I had a really good evening and felt pretty happy.

Sunday was church in the morning. My heart felt quite heavy from the things that had been going around in my mind but I put myself in a place of worship and sought Jesus in it all. In the afternoon I went for a run with Alex, we managed a really good first mile but the two following that declined in their quality – we still did it which counts right? We then went to the evening service at church where I had a really great conversation that definitely put my mind at rest and means I’m a lot more joyful than I was this morning!


Our half marathon is getting a lot closer! Only 3 weeks to go! We’re raising money for a Gospel centred website called 10ten which we’re planning on relaunching. If you’d like to support us then visit the link below to donate:



  1. A continuation of joy
  2. For the mission we’re going on over the weekend
  3. That God remains in the centre of it all and I don’t start to lose my focus

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