13th-19th February


Well I definitely had a joy day on Friday, I felt really great and I was definitely full of joy and life.

The weekend mission went well and there was definitely a lot of prayer answered over that weekend.

My focus on God had shifted a tiny bit I think and that felt quite hard because I wasn’t sure how to turn it back to God completely but I’m definitely back and focused now which is really great.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Monday was full of meetings, they were all good and quite productive. We did 7 miles running and 1 mile walking in the evening which was exhausting and my legs really hurt but it felt super great! We even scaled a wall which probably counts as trespassing but we like to live on the edge! Alex and I headed off to young adults where I have never been so grateful for food – it was insane how hungry I was! We were looking at Acts 19 which is funky, it’s sort of surreal to imagine how many people Paul brought to faith. One thing I took away from that passage was that Paul spent a long time, like years, in Asia. I think it’s easy to forget that not everyone is going to come to faith the moment you tell them about Jesus, sometimes it takes years for them to come to a point where they begin to explore faith.

Tuesday was spent working on my talk for this weekend. It’s been pretty hard going, I want to be prepared but I also want to leave room for Holy spirit to move so getting that balance is pretty hard but I think I’m getting there. I also did some stuff on small groups for holiday clubs which feels great because that’s another job being finished off.

We had dinner and then Rebi went out to life groups (its like house groups) and Alex & I went to Pete’s house where we watched the first half of the first Lord of the Rings film. Part of me doesn’t want to admit how engaged I am with it but I don’t really care that much. I think it’s pretty awesome how J.R.R Tolkein created a whole world and 14 different languages, I mean he must have been a genius to have that sort of capacity and imagination.

Wednesday we had a cheeky Waitrose trip to buy I watched a couple of talks on renewing your mind to help me with my talk on Saturday. We had office prayer and then I had a meeting with Rebi about Saturday which meant I then had a load of new ideas for my talk so I went into a flurry of writing and bashed it out right before home time. In the evening Alex and I wrapped all of Rebi’s presents, wrote her card and got a bit crafty which was fun!

Thursday I had a study day. I was mean to be looking at Mark but I delved into the Psalms instead – specifically 121, it’s been on my mind a lot recently. I really like the fact that in verse 2 it talks about how God doesn’t sleep in order to watch over me and it really spoke to me that even if God did have to sleep that He would forsake that in order to protect me because I am so precious to Him. It blew my mind a little bit! It was a good day although I didn’t feel rested after it and even felt a little bit angry which is weird. I made some banoffee pie ready for Rebi’s birthday party – it’s so easy, I never realised!


Friday we left in the morning for York. I had intentional time in the car with Jack and Rebi which was good, it gave me some things to think about. When we got to York we went to Brew and Brownie which is a really great food shop. I had a chicken, pesto and sun blushed tomato sandwich and it was definitely the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life – sadly I was so into it I forgot to take a photo. We had a look round a couple of charity shops and then headed off to a coffee shop where we chatted for a while before making a move to where we were actually supposed to be. We set up our stuff, put our beds down and had a meeting with all the team before everyone started to arrive. The evening went really well and Rebi spoke on how the bible isn’t the end of the story and how God made a way so He can dwell amongst us.

Saturday Jack spoke in the morning about grace, he spoke about some of the things that had happened in his life and how grace changed all of that. It definitely started to sit some things in people’s hearts which was really encouraging to see. I had a little nap before lunch time because I hadn’t slept well and was feeling quite awful because of that. After lunch we went to a trampolining place which was pretty fun, I started to process a couple of things which felt weird to do it in the middle of trampolining but apparently that’s where I wanted to do it! When we got back we had half an hour before my talk so I was getting set up when Rebi asked me how I felt about my talk etc and for some reason I had a load of things come out of my mouth that I didn’t even realise I was thinking about. We sat in a corridor so the band could practise and we could hear each other and I cried and had a bit of a melt down about how I felt that I’d not done anything with my life and how I thought that my story didn’t matter because it was ‘boring’ and ‘unremarkable’ – long story short I scrapped the talk I was going to do and two minutes before I stood up to speak I had nothing! I felt like I needed to share my story with these people so I did, I trusted that God would give me the words and that He’d use my position of weakness to speak to those who were listening. When I finished my bit I prayed and I noticed one girl who was in floods of tears and I was ecstatic, I was so thankful that just one person had been spoken to and affected by what I’d said and I felt so grateful that even one person was responding. After I had prayed I went over to where we were doing one-on-one prayer and as the band began to play people started getting out of their seats (I thought to stand for worship) and they started coming over to where the leaders were stood ready to pray, it was incredible to see how many people God had spoken to through me and it really hit home how God uses our brokenness.

Sunday Jack spoke in the morning about us being part of the body of Christ, part of a bigger body. He encouraged them to ask their leaders to go for coffee and talk about life and do life together. I got asked to join a prayer group in York – logistically I don’t know how that will work but I feel pretty honoured that they’d want me! We had lunch and did an activity before coming back and taking communion and having a time of worship before everyone grabbed their stuff and went home! We had a selfie with the guys from Rock UK (they were running the activities)


and then we packed up our stuff and headed to a pub to debrief. After debriefing Rebi dropped Jack and I off at the station & we got on the train and all was well, except, when the train stopped we were at King’s Cross in London, not in Wolverhampton…we’d got on the wrong train! We bought our tickets to get back to Wolves and walked to London Euston before getting on the right train and finally ending up home – our 2 our trip took 4 instead! It was quite an adventure and definitely one that I will remember!


  1. Productivity this week, that jobs get finished and things go smoothly
  2. I’m leading youth work on a mission in March and I’m not sure what that looks like for me so prayer that it all goes smoothly

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