20th-26th February


The prayers I asked for specifically haven’t yet been answered but the smaller ones I’ve said throughout the week have which is really great – God is definitely a God of the small things as well as the big!

Monday I had a day off so I slept in until 12 in the afternoon which felt fantastic. I then took Jenga out for a walk and phoned Nan & Grandad and Gran while I was waking back.


I then caught up on some TV before helping set up food and stuff for young adults as we were hosting. We had a game filled evening which was great, especially as my team won articulate!

Tuesday was my study day so I got up slightly earlier and walked the dog again. I caught up on a lot of my journalling and had a chat with God about my heart – there seems to be a lot going on in there and I know it needs to be dealt with so I’m just taking it as it comes. Overall it was a very restful day!

Wednesday we spent the morning doing a bit of admin and continued on with some holiday club stuff. Then in the afternoon we went down to the unit to get creative with some stuff. I tried to dye polyester without realising that there’s no way on earth you can change the colour of polyester! Meanwhile Alex tried pumping up yoga balls with a bike pump to no avail. we gave up after having gone out to get a pump and different bleach (neither worked) and started on painting instead because that seemed fool proof! We were doing a bit of a splatter effect and while the board we were doing it on looked great, the surrounding areas probably had more paint on them than the board itself – us included! I had a lot of fun and it was definitely another joy day.

Thursday we intended on spending most of the day downstairs in the unit doing things for set. We had ordered an electric pump after Wednesday’s debacle with the bike pump but that didn’t come until late afternoon meaning we didn’t really get much done downstairs. I did some research and ordered a few items online for craft and set and then went downstairs with Pete to cut some pieces of wood. I helped cut those and then painted them black before we went home. Alex and I made dinner before heading over to Pete’s to watch the second half of the Lord of the Rings – we had a little chat and quiz afterwards to make sure we’d understood and knew which characters were which (we scored pretty poorly!).

Friday started off on a better foot than Thursday which was encouraging. I ordered a load of things on amazon for holiday club and then we headed downstairs ready to do papier mâché and paint the rest of the wood black. I spent a good while ripping up newspaper to use for papier mâché before we had lunch. The afternoon was filled with washing out paint brushes, preparing for some upcoming weekends and doing a second layer of papier mâché. We raced home and got changed before going for a 10 mile run! It felt really good to go so far and definitely filled me with some peace about the fact I can actually run that far so hopefully, an extra 3 miles on that will be pretty easy… we’ll see!

Saturday I was home alone for the whole day so I didn’t wake up until late morning which was nice and definitely needed. I spent most of the day in bed just chilling before making myself dinner and going for a games evening with some of the youth from church, I had to walk but it was actually a really nice walk and I quite enjoyed myself!

Sunday was church in the morning before we came home and cooked a great roast dinner with strudel for pudding (it had built in custard – definitely one of the best discoveries ever!) I spent the afternoon reading my book, updating my blog and chilling in my room. We went to church in the evening where Rebi spoke, it was really good and various points spoke quite clearly to me which is encouraging! She spoke on Galatians 6:7-18 about sowing and boasting. One thing Rebi said which stuck out to me (and has come up quite a lot recently) is that when we plant, we don’t always see the fruit instantaneously but God is faithful and at the right time He will reveal the harvest to us.


  1. Just that I’d continue to be open to what God is doing in me

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