27th February – 5th March


I’m definitely being open to what God is doing in me, Lent has definitely been revealing that to me and I’m really loving how great it feels to give control over to Him.

Monday was a pretty normal day at work, getting some things together for the craft pack. I had a meeting with Jack to plan the youth work for an upcoming event which I’m leading (kinda scary but I have faith in myself). We went for a short run in the evening ahead of our half marathon – it’s closer than ever and I can’t really believe I’m actually doing it! After that we had quick showers before going to young adults where we looked at Acts 20. It struck me how confident Paul was in God’s calling for him, made me wonder how confident I am in what God is saying to me about my passions.

Tuesday we had team pancakes at Pete & Jack’s, they were really great pancakes and it was really nice to spend time together as a team. We headed into the office afterwards where we had a meeting so we knew what was going on for the rest of the week. We finally managed to finish the craft pack for holiday club, a massive relief, it’s been a long long process! Alex had a bit of a tidy in the unit while I washed out all the paint stuff from set weeks. It was a little bit of an odd jobs day but that was good, it meant that some things got finished at last.

Wednesday I started to think about the upcoming mission and the bits I was doing for that, I started drawing up an activity sheet but did a few other odd jobs in-between which filled up most of the day. We had office prayer and looked at Matthew 19:16-30 – The Rich Young Man. Pete challenged us to think about what we would be called, I think my name would be ‘The Cautious Young Woman’ I’m not sure I’ve quite let go of being safe, I’ve somewhat started to be less cautious but I still think I’m not quite as free in just taking leaps of faith as I could be.

Thursday was a bit of a funny day, we started off as normal but then had a photocopier come (it’s super exciting & even makes booklets with staples in them!) we didn’t have any space for it so we had to shuffle all of our desks around. I got to hoover while everyone else was moving things, it was so satisfying to see all the dust go! We then had a man who showed us how to use the photocopier, he talked a lot and digressed quite a bit but we eventually got to know how to use the machine! We managed to get back doing work at 4pm so I did an hour on the activity sheet I’d started on Wednesday before scanning it in and then photocopying it!img_1033

Friday was my study day, I had breakfast and put some washing on before writing the majority of this blog, reading my Psalm for the day and then delving into Mark chapter 2:18! It was a pretty chill day and I really enjoyed working through some more of Mark, despite some of it being a bit confusing!

Saturday we were working so had a bit of an early morning – I even made porridge for the very first time! ( Dad, there was no spurtle, you’ll be sad to hear)  We were at Pete’s for 8:30 before heading to Birmingham to exhibit at a conference. We finished that and came home early because we could. We dropped Pete off and had a cup of tea and a chat before heading home, sorting some stuff out for the half marathon on Sunday and cooking dinner – we carbed up with pasta and quorn mince (loads of protein) so we were all ready for running.

Sunday was a day and a half! I was up at 6:15 getting ready to drive to Warrick. We got there and time suddenly went really really quickly, before I knew it we were running through the start line and it felt like only a few seconds later we’d finished our first mile! It got tough around mile 4 and 5 but other than that, it felt really good to do, definitely one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life – I even smiled the whole way around! After finishing (with a time of 2 hours 45 minutes) we went for lunch as team which was really great. We then headed home listening to some really great ’00s songs! I had a shower and then fell asleep for 2 hours (it was very much needed!). I woke up, had some dinner and then watched call the midwife with Rebi and Alex. I had a really great day and I felt so blessed to have such fab people around me, my second family.


  1. For speedy muscle recovery!
  2. For self control during this Lent period

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