6th-12th March


Speedy recovery definitely happened! My knees hurt on Sunday afternoon but since then I haven’t felt much at all! Self control this week has been really challenging but I feel that I’m growing through it and it feels good to see the increasing of this fruit in my life.

Monday we had a day off because we ran the half marathon and also because we worked on Saturday. I did some washing and boring stuff in the morning and then in the afternoon I went for a walk with a friend from church. It was really nice to talk and get to know them a bit better. Alex and I then went to go and do some shopping because we had two eggs in the fridge and that was pretty much it. We then headed off to young adults where we looked at Acts 21 and 22.

Tuesday was back in the office. I felt a bit stressed because I had a whole weekend of activities to plan and it felt like I was planning last minute but I got it done and was pretty proud of myself for doing it when I said I would rather than procrastinating about it all! The day went really quickly but that was good because I felt totally drained by the end of it! In the evening we watched some episodes of Friends because I hadn’t seen any of the series! I did some diary updating and then I did some journalling so everything is up to date which makes me happy!

Wednesday I had a study day. I slept in until 10 before being awoken rudely by sirens and a helicopter. I looked out of my window to see the flats across the road surrounded by police. Turned out that there had been a domestic incident and two people had died which is sad.

I did a lot of bible study, looking at Mark 3 and 4 which was great. I feel like I read the parable of the sower in a new light, which is weird because it’s well known but I think it really sunk in that Jesus was talking about faith and how not everyone has the fortune of landing on good soil.


Thursday I walked to work, I really enjoyed spending that time alone – although my legs really hurt walking up the hill! (probably something to do with the 13 miles on Sunday). I spent the morning drawing out instructions for how to make a paper boat, I get to do all the really fun designing jobs which I love loads, it’s great when I get to be creative all day for work! The afternoon was spent labelling and sorting out a few things in the office, writing my blog and getting ready for this weekend’s event.

Friday we spent an hour or two in the office preparing for a mission in July and then we started to pack things ready for this weekend. We made a quick trip to Sainsbury’s for lunch before driving to Cefn Lea. We set up our stuff and then went to watch the rugby game with some of the people from the church. I went to bed after the game because I felt really tired out.

Saturday we were up so we prayed before breakfast. Jack and I had our first session with the youth, we played a few games before Jack taught on trinity and Holy Spirit. They were a pretty hard group to do stuff with, not very open to discussion and there were only 4 of them which sort of made it harder. After lunch we went straight back into sessions so we played another game with the youth and then I taught a bit about Fruit of the Spirit before setting them off doing the prayer stations. They seemed to really engage in the stations which was encouraging to see. I spent the afternoon chilling alone, I had a shower and then we went for dinner. After dinner Alex and I chatted to a guy name Gerwyn (it’s got to be the best Welsh name ever) and then I went to evening worship before heading back to our chalet where we chatted about childhood and memories and stuff. It was a really great evening and I enjoyed it a lot!

Sunday was another session with the youth. We did a pretty calm game before going in to talking through the Gospel Flash Cards and what that meant to them. They were relatively engaged in that, one guy was more interested in talking about heaven and hell but that’s cool, he was definitely thinking about something at least! We packed up after the session, had a feedback/communion/worship thing all together before the classic group photo! Everyone went for lunch but we packed our cars and cleared our stuff out before eating and then saying goodbye.


  1. For some of the fruit of my work to start showing
  2. For headspace in the upcoming, very busy weeks
  3. That next weekend is challenging but fun and a great chance to make relationships

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