13th-19th March


I wouldn’t say I’ve seen much fruit in a really obvious way but I’ve definitely seen some glimpses of good stuff which is encouraging. Headspace has been a funny one, it feels like I have and haven’t had it but that’s alright, I’m getting used to the different way I can work and how I can operate in both ways equally well.

Monday I had the day off so went for a 6 mile walk with a friend. We chatted for ages which was really nice and it felt so natural, like we’d been friends for ages so it’s really encouraging to see that growing. I read my book for a bit in the afternoon before cleaning the bathrooms and then tidying my room. Alex and I then headed off to St Matt’s for a training evening for the LIFE exhibition which is happening next week.


Who would have thought that you could find this kind of thing in Wolverhampton!

Tuesday I had a study day so I read some of my book, it’s called ‘cross roads’ and is by the same author as ‘the shack’. I spent most of the day just resting and being still which was really nice, definitely relaxing and worth my while!

Wednesday was a pretty standard day in the office, getting ready for mission, having meetings, writing talks, doing odd jobs here and there

Thursday Alex and I did shopping in the morning for holiday clubs, we spent a long time walking around town with an enormous bag of things, we definitely looked weird! In the afternoon I set to work on writing my talk, I planned really nicely and then got cracking on it! It was actually a really productive day despite not really having that much to show for it! In the evening, Alex and I met up with some friends from young adults, we had a lovely meal and spent a while chatting about life and stuff which was really nice. It’s pretty great having people outside of ‘work friends’, adds another dimension to the whole experience!

Friday was pretty manic! I spent most of the morning writing down the remainder of my talk and finalising that stuff before getting all the resources ready for the mission. Rebi and Jack dropped me back home and they drove to Derby while I did some more work, made dinner and then walked to the station to catch a train with someone else who was coming on the mission. We got to where we were staying and played games/had some bonding time before heading off to bed!FullSizeRender

Saturday was strange, mainly because we hadn’t had the Friday evening spent with the church but we’re used to strange things by now. Jack and I did youth and we talked about satisfaction and being satisfied by God, how we think some things will satisfy but actually they only fill that hole for a few minutes before you need more of it. We also talked about being poor in spirit and how it’s good to always hunger to know more about God rather than thinking you’ve reached full capacity and getting complacent in your walk with God. The afternoon was filled with games and fun which we led and joined in with. We had a final afternoon session with the youth where we talked about being rooted in Jesus and about what kinds of fruit we are dropping, are we dropping peace or chaos sort of thing. We then had a time of prayer ministry and we were able to pray with a lot of the youth which was a blessing, one of them even wanted to pray for me! We went back to where we were staying and played games, chatted and watched rugby before bed called us again.

Sunday was a slightly later start and a lot stranger in terms of structure of the programme. We had changed venues from Saturday and so had to set up again but we started the day off with Fruit of the Spirit prayer stations while the adults took communion, then the youth and children went upstairs into church and then they came back down again half way through that. In the youth session we got them to ask their big questions and helped to answer them, we also played a game of signs which was definitely their favourite game over the weekend. We then fed back to the church before packing up our things. We said our goodbyes etc and went for lunch as a team. After lunch we prayed in the car park which got us some funny looks but we aren’t bothered by that kind of thing! The team then went their separate ways and we went back to where we were staying. We had a nice walk in the country with Rebi’s parents and when we got back I went and had a nap because I was shattered! We played a game in the evening and then watched a really nice documentary on typography, it was so aesthetically pleasing and really easy to watch, definitely my kind of thing.


  1. That I feel refreshed after a super busy weekend/upcoming week
  2. For conversations to be meaningful in the upcoming week as I share God with school children through Life Exhibition
  3. For general future stuff

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