20th-26th March


Future things definitely started to poke their heads up, not how I expected or when I wanted but they did which is good I guess, I know what I want now anyway. Sadly, the life exhibition didn’t really allow for meaningful conversation but I still got to make and build relationships with people from the church which is really encouraging.

Monday we left Derby and went to Nottingham where Jack spoke to a CU, Rebi and I read our books in Waitrose. We got lunch and then got on the road to Essex. It was Dan’s birthday so everything was pretty excited at home and Dan was clearly excited to see me 😉 We had Chinese for dinner which was really great, you can never get enough Chinese.

Tuesday I cooked breakfast for us all and then I had a meeting with my mentor before going for lunch with mum. I had an incredible looking sandwich which tasted really great too, although, I couldn’t manage it which was really sad.IMG_1104.JPG I met up with a friend in the afternoon and we went for a walk and talk, it was great to catch up with her after what felt like ages. We came home and so I cooked dinner and had a phone call with Alex before praying and going off to training at Hawkwell. It was my first training that I’d ever done but I really enjoyed it and it was great to see everyone again.

Wednesday we went to the beach for a bit, had a coffee in southend and then got on the road to get back home to Wolves. The traffic wasn’t too great and it took us an hour longer than expected which sucked. We unpacked the van and then dropped it back off at the hire place before coming home where I had a nap and then hung my washing out before going straight back to bed!

Thursday I was at the Life exhibition which was teaching school children about God and about the Christian faith. I was absolutely shattered but it was still a good day and I really enjoyed getting back into ‘teacher’ mode, it was quite relaxed in terms of kids work but I really enjoyed that. I did some journalling from the weekend and then had dinner, we watched a film in the evening and had a pretty chill night which was nice.

Friday again we were at the life exhibition. A school had dropped out so we opened it up to parents, we had about 4 people come through which was great but it meant we could be quite relaxed so we spent a lot of the time talking to the other team members which was nice. We got to leave at 12 so I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling in my room. We went shopping with Jack later on and helped him get the right size suit for his sister’s wedding. In the evening we went round to the boys’ to watch Lord of the Rings.IMG_1116.JPG

Alex and I discovered that Jack’s feet are significantly bigger than ours!

Saturday was really sunny. We met up with a girl who is moving to Wolverhampton and going to potentially live with Alex which will be cool. We went for lunch at the village cafe, I had one of the best sandwiches ever which made me super happy – it was a good food day!IMG_1117.JPG

We went to the park with the children that Rebi was babysitting and had some fun there, I mean, I did anyway!


The evening was super chill, we made veggie lasagne and watched friends before heading off to bed early because we were losing an hour!

Sunday had super stretchy minutes! We went to church in the morning, I got my first bunch of official Mother’s Day flowers! FullSizeRender-7.jpg

We had a great roast dinner for lunch and we even had chocolate tart to finish it off! I did some weeding after dinner because it was so lovely outside. That was a solid 2 hours of the afternoon, I went upstairs and did some bible stuff which definitely calmed my soul. We headed off to worship in the evening which was really good, I felt a bit turmoil-y but that’s okay, I know why so I’m addressing that .


  1. For peace
  2. For wisdom
  3. For strength in the times I feel I have nothing



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