27th March – 2nd April


Looking back on my prayer requests last week, I’m not sure why I requested any of those things! I definitely had a peaceful week though, and peace is never a bad thing! There were a few times over the week where I felt like I had very little to give and I definitely required the Lord’s strength in those moments.

Monday felt pretty chill, I did a load of odd jobs, finishing off a few things here and there so it didn’t feel that productive but I still got a lot done in retrospect. We headed off to young adults in the evening where we looked at Acts 26. One thing that really stood out was when Paul was talking to Agrippa and he was making his case saying that he couldn’t be accused of lying “because it was not done in a corner” this really spoke to me about how our faith shouldn’t be kept hidden and secret but should be lived out loud, so if we were ever tried we wouldn’t be able to be accused of lying.

Tuesday I had a really lovely day. I went for a picnic with a friend, we stayed in the park for basically the whole day just talking and learning more about each other, it felt like time really well spent.


I cooked dinner for Rebi and Alex when they got home and then Facetimed mum and Dan and dad. It was good to talk to them but I’m excited because next time it will be in person!

Wednesday felt weird, I felt really tired in the morning but that subsided a bit. I spent the day doing some research, I wrote a script, created a presentation for a church weekend away, created some labels on our special machine, worked out how to print some stickers for holiday club craft and organised my computer folders. It felt stop start in terms of work load and things but it was a productive day all in all.

In the evening Alex and I went for a date! We went to Pizza express and just talked. It was really nice to do friendship with her, not that we don’t already, but it was intentional friendship. I really appreciated it!IMG_1139

Thursday I started the day by doing some proof reading and then went on to update my blog before my Mac had a mare and went all funny on me. I had intentional time with Rebi and Jack  which was good, definitely reinforced some things I’d already been thinking about and gave me a few action points to go away and do – like homework but fun homework! (Who knew that was a thing!). The afternoon saw Rebi and I downstairs in the unit sorting out the small group boxes, sensory boxes, youth boxes, prayer stations and craft ready for Hawkwell’s holiday club. I quite enjoyed doing it which is good because I was sort of dreading doing the small group boxes again! When we got home we made dinner which was toad in the hole with real sausages! Whilst the dinner was cooking we made gluten free playdough (who knew that was a thing!) which was an arm workout in itself, definitely not going to need to go to the gym now!


Friday stated off with Rebi and I doing the office washing up. I moved on to do some admin tasks before heading downstairs to organise all the boxes ready for when we packed the van in the afternoon. We packed the van pretty effortlessly if I do say, it was quite stress-free (for me anyway, don’t know about the others!). I definitely started to get excited about the mission because it’ll be my first proper holiday club! In the evening we had some friends over and had curry with naan (expertly ordered online! Who knew!) we played a game and just had a really nice time with them.

Saturday I had a really long lie-in, I got straight on though and started to make a list about my future – everything is less daunting when you make a list! After that I did some sewing which was actually really fun, I’ve missed doing that. I got showered and then Rebi and I took a trip to Sainsbury’s where we did some shopping and had a look around the sale. We came home and Rebi cooked dinner which was a gorgeous noodle thing while I unpacked the shopping and started making a carrot cake. I made way too much so we ended up with some monster cakes!

Sunday was the start of our mission in Hakwell! We travelled down in the van and set up ready for Monday. Once we’d done that we headed home, dropped off our stuff and then went for a walk along the seafront.


  1. For Hawkwell’s holiday club, that there will be meaningful transformation and freedom in adults and kids.
  2. For fun! That this week is full of joy and excitement and that seeing God move will be refreshing and life-giving for everyone!

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