3rd – 9th April


There was definitely meaningful transformation for several people and it was great to see God working throughout this week. I loved seeing how people opened up to what God was doing in their life, people seemed a lot freer and it was refreshing. We definitely had a lot of fun and it was great being back with my church family as well as my real family.

Monday was the first day of holiday club! It was kind of weird to be doing holiday club but from a different side of things, It’s still great though! The day ran pretty smoothly and it was really great to see the church working as a team. IMG_1173

I was gunged and ended up with a green tinge to my skin! It was quite funny but took a lot of scrubbing!

Tuesday again was holiday club. I had the role of filling in and helping out where I was needed so it wasn’t too stressful but still tiring! We had dinner with my family and then Rebi and I watched tv for a bit before heading to bed.

Wednesday was pretty much the same as Monday and Tuesday but I fronted some of the holiday club which was exciting! It was the first time I’d properly fronted but I really enjoyed doing it! We had a roast for dinner, it was gorgeous and the roast potatoes were to die for! It was great spending time with familiar faces and just having conversation with them.

Thursday I led team time. It felt like quite a big step for me, especially as it was the first time leading any adults let alone adults I knew in my own church. So that was strange but I really enjoyed being able to do it and being God’s vessel. The rest of the day was spent doing first aid and going around helping out in the small groups. In the evening we had the BBQ so we hung around at church and set up for that. The parent’s evening went really well and Rebi did a really good word on the Gospel. FullSizeRender-8

Friday was the last day and whilst pretty sad it was also really nice to know that it had finished. I fronted with Pete which was quite fun even if it was a little bit silly! The day went really quickly and we finished up with a really encouraging team time before packing up in under an hour. It was a pleasure to have spent the week with everyone and I really enjoyed myself.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. I spent the morning in bed before getting up to go and watch Dan’s girlfriend in a show. We came home and then I fell asleep in the garden in the sun which took up most of the afternoon! In the evening I went to Tesco with mum to get some bits for Sunday.

Sunday I went to church in the morning and then came home, had some lunch and chilled in the garden reading my book. The grandparents came round in the afternoon and we had something to eat before Dan and I headed off to church for our youth group.


  1. That this week is relaxing
  2. For fun and laughter

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