10th – 16th April


I feel rested and ready to get back to doing God’s work again! The week was definitely filled with laughter and several fun memories.

Monday I had a relatively chilled day. I met up with one of my friends and we went for a walk at Hockey woods before I went for coffee with mum over lunch. I really enjoyed our coffee, was nice to spend some proper time with mum just chatting. In the afternoon I made some gifts in dad’s shed with the help of Dan which was fun I really enjoyed getting a little bit creative and knowing that I had all sorts of things at my fingertips.

Tuesday I met up with one of the younger youth from Hawkwell and we went shopping. It was really great to spend some time with her outside of church and it was nice to start building that relationship properly. In the afternoon I went round to one of my friend’s from college, there were a few of us there and so it was great to see them all again and catch up on life.

Wednesday was a pretty chilled day. I spent a lot of it in bed because I’m on holiday so I can! I did some baking so that my family have something for Easter and then made some gift bags to put their things in. In the evening we went for dinner with my grandparents. I had a really nice time and had some very yummy food!

Thursday was another late morning but I got up by lunch time. Dad and I had planned to have a coffee together but Waitrose was very full up so we didn’t do that. Instead I went to Tesco with mum to get some bits and in a moment of absolute madness we decided to go to a farm to see the sheep. I had a great time and now I really want a farm or something so that I can have sheep. In the evening we went to an Easter art exhibition at church, it was actually really good and some of the art was really great!

These were my favourite sheep!

Friday I got up early and did some baking for my friend’s birthday before I headed off to church for the service there. There were a few interesting and thought-provoking points in what Richard had to say and I found some of them quite challenging. I then went out with my friend for her birthday and we had cake and smoothies and chatted – it was really nice to catch up with her and find out what she’s up to and stuff. In the afternoon I prepared everyone’s easter stuff and made some origami bunny baskets which definitely tested my origami skills but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it! In the evening we went to see the poppy wave in Gunner’s park and then we got ice creams from Rossi’s. IMG_1253

Saturday was a pretty decent day! I didn’t get up until quite late (definitely making the most of my rest time) but then I went and painted dad’s shed for him which I really enjoyed. I, for some reason, really enjoy painting walls. That took me a couple of hours or so and then in the afternoon I just chilled by myself. The evening consisted of dad, Dan and I being kicked out of the house so mum could have a little group of friends over for an intentional group. I’m really quite proud of her for stepping out and I love the fact she’s a mighty warrior facing the battle head-on. So, having been kicked out we went to the pub where we just had a chat for an hour or so which was nice quality time together.

Sunday we took a family trip to Wolves to drop me back. It was a pretty fun journey and a good end to a really fun week. I enjoyed myself but it’s back to Wolves and back to what feels like home.


  1. That I would know where my capabilities lie and when to take a step back
  2. That I discover more about how I lead and what I look like as a leader
  3. For future plans and decisions that God’s way will be made clear and things will fall into place for that to happen

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