17th-23rd April


So last week I made pretty bold prayer statements. I have full faith that all of them will be answered or are currently in the process of being answered. This week my prayer for future plans has definitely been answered – read on!

Monday we travelled to Scarborough and set up our stuff in the kid’s venue for most of the afternoon. We took a walk across the beach and had a pretty chilled day which was really nice. IMG_1267.JPG

Tuesday was again quite chilled. We had set up but we finished off the last couple of things before the rest of our team arrived. We then wet to go and get fish and chips and have a walk along the sand. We then joined in the prayer meeting which was more like a briefing but that was alright! The kids arrived in the evening and we had our first session with them. It was a great session and the kids were fabulous, quiet at the right times but equally noisy and responsive! After we’d finished we went back to the hotel and watched the evening’s entertainment which was hilariously dire but proved a great source of entertainment – especially when they say ‘what would you think if I sang out of tune’ completely out of tune!

Wednesday we did the kids work in the morning and then in the afternoon three of us went to a seminar led by Miriam Swaffield. It was a great seminar on leadership and evangelism and it definitely changed my perspective of how evangelism is done and how it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. I later went back to the hotel and sat with a couple of our team and read my book until dinner. Then it was back to the venue for the kid’s session. We got them to soak and it was really cool to see them encountering God. I managed to get myself gunged for the second time in three weeks!


Thursday we started off in worship which was really great but I was having a bad day. I was very much up and down and feeling dreadful about life. After we’d worshipped Alex and another girl prayed for me and I felt a bit better so I was able to do the kid’s session with a bit more joy. The afternoon came and I knew I just had to get away from everyone. I had started to compare myself to people and that’s dangerous territory for me. I took a walk along the seafront and chose a nice sunny spot. I wrote my journal and cried a good amount before heading back to the hotel for dinner. I did the session again trying to ignore what was going on and then it came to our debrief and Jack asked what God had been doing, I inadvertently did a sarcastic laugh/air breath thing because I didn’t feel that God had been working at all so I shared with the team about what I had been feeling and why I had been down all day. They all prayed for me which was an absolute blessing to be a part of. I went up to the hotel room and called my mum and spoke about it with her, she too prayed for me and I felt really peaceful after that.

Friday was a much better day than Thursday. It started off peaceful but I still had the weight of yesterday on my mind. I got through the morning and went for prophetic prayer with a couple from the prayer team – it was really cool and I really enjoyed being with people who are so in tune with God’s voice. Pete and I then went for a run and talked about what had gone on and what was going on in my head. We spoke about my future and what I wanted that to look like. I came to a conclusion about some stuff and Pete wanted me to give my answer at the end of our run (I had about 2 miles for God to tell me yes or no!) we had nearly finished running when we saw a woman from the conference and so we chatted to her about the courses she is involved in. As soon as we finished the conversation with her I knew what my answer was and I knew that God had just moved right in front of me. It was truly incredible. FullSizeRender-2

Saturday I was absolutely shattered as were the kids we were working with! We did some really chilled activities like prayer stations and games so that they still had some teaching for the day. We also in the evening did soaking and watched a bit of frozen with them just so that they weren’t too worn out to focus on anything. We packed away our set and loaded the van ready for our departure the next day.

Sunday we joined the main church service bit and fed back what we’d done all week and how the kids had encountered God. Of course our feedback involved an action song so we got up on stage and had great fun – I definitely had great fun – worshipping and dancing like crazy because I could! We went and got some lunch before putting our luggage in the right cars and heading our separate ways home. FullSizeRender


  1. That rest is quickly caught upon (for me and the team)
  2. For a great week ahead

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