24th-30th April


Although I felt quite tired at points during the week I did, for the majority of it, feel rested. This weekend was hard for the first part but God definitely brought breakthrough in that. It was a good weekend for different reasons and ultimately, to see God moving anywhere is a blessing and makes a weekend worth it!

Monday  was our day off so I got up late, tidied my room and did some washing – quite a few other boring adult things but in the afternoon I went on a walk alongside the canal which was really lovely and definitely relaxing. We went to young adults in the evening, it was so nice to go back and see everyone again. We started Esther which is a really exciting book and I can’t wait to get deeper into it.

Tuesday Alex and I drove to Sheffield to go and look around a Christian college. I really enjoyed it but it was quite a tiring day!

Wednesday was a full on day. We started the morning getting settled in our brand new office. We then went to our old unit and moved the stuff into our new unit. It was very physically demanding and tiring but I did enjoy myself quite a lot! We managed to move 90% of the unit which felt like a huge achievement. I spent the evening chilling in my room alone catching up on my introvert time.

Thursday we spent most of the morning in the unit just finishing off moving the last bits over before setting on tidying some of the stuff. The afternoon was filled with some admin tasks and some things to get ready for the mission over the weekend. We got to leave early which was nice and meant we could chill a bit more and get some more rest.

Friday we had the morning off so I did some washing, packed my bags and got ready before we went and picked up a guy who was coming with us on mission. We then drove to the unit where we met Pete and Jack and then we travelled together to Cloverly Hall. We set up in the quickest time ever, it literally took 15 minutes! After dinner we went and played football with the youth which was pretty fun, despite me not being much help!

Saturday we had two sessions with the kids in the morning. The first session was manic and we weren’t prepared for the level of noise, disobedience and attention deficit. That meant that the first session felt really hard and quite tiring but the second was much better and something had shifted spiritually which is really great. The afternoon was filled with not much but we had a trip to Sainsbury’s for some essentials and then I went to look at the cows wth Alex (I have a small passion for farm animals at the moment). We then went on to spend some time chilling in a lounge before deciding to go and join in with football again before dinner! After dinner was the church’s talent show, I found it quite funny to see that side of the church. The kids went off to bed and the adults were able to watch a comedian who was very funny and ended my night on a high note.


Sunday was our last day of the weekend mission. We did two sessions with the kids in the morning which was quite fun and we definitely had some breakthrough in the stuff we were doing – it’s always a pleasure to see God moving and working. We fed back what we’d been doing to the church before packing our stuff up, debriefing and heading home.


  1. That this week is productive, that we finish all that needs to be done

One thought on “24th-30th April

  1. Jess.
    Remarkable cows in Shropshire, when they are on a hill they are able to lean with it????
    Thanks for your call last week and letting us know of your intentions. Let us know what we need to do to help. Ever in our prayers.
    With love Grandad.


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