1st-7th May


So finishing all we needed to get done was a pretty big prayer, definitely had a lot more stuff than we’d anticipated but we got a lot done this week and it was a lot of the bigger things.

Monday was a super chill day, I spent most of the morning in my pyjamas tidying my room before I went into town and had a coffee. The afternoon I sat doing some life admin and sorting out my paperwork. In the evening we went to young adults and looked at Esther chapter 2. It’s an interesting passage about the context of how Esther became queen and how Mordecai saves the king from assassination.

Tuesday was our study day. I tidied my room again so I had space to work and then I looked over the prophetic words people had for me at the beginning of the year. I drew some of them out so I can stick them up on my wall and be reminded of them all the time. While I was doing this one of them caught my eye, it was the one that said ‘fall in love with the Father’. I think that it’s one I’ve started to neglect, I’ve let some things take over the time where God should be my priority and I don’t want that to be a reality anymore. So to fall more in love with God I’m going to set aside time after work on a Thursday and I’m going to sit and chat with God over coffee. I’m aware that this is something I’d really like to have a quick solution but I was really struck by the thought that love doesn’t come instantly, I develops over time, I have to spend quality time with God. I’m really excited to feel that love again and to journey properly and intentionally with God.

Wednesday it was just Alex and I in the office so we started off doing some admin stuff before going down to the unit to work on set for holiday club. Sadly we couldn’t unlock the door and realised that we didn’t have the right key – it was in Brighton with Pete. This made it hard for us to do most of the stuff we were going to do so we resorted to doing the small jobs that we could but it would have been nicer to do the big jobs and start to feel like we’d got a lot done. We did an Aldi shop after work and then when we got home we cleaned the house! The rest of the evening I read a book before heading to bed.

Thursday was a day of doing what we couldn’t do on Wednesday. We started doing all the dividers for set, that was a really fun job, we got to use bleach to dye some black bed sheets so we basically messed around with that and hoped it would look good! We managed to get some other things nearly finished and doing smaller things like sewing things on to the warm up costumes! In the evening I spent some time alone with God just talking to Him which was really nice, I’d never really done that before so it felt weird but it was a really good conversation. IMG_1332

Both Alex and I managed to fit into the costume…it may be a little too big!

Friday was a day of doing set so we spent a good portion of it in the unit painting and finishing off some things. We spent most of the afternoon upstairs in the office making our Papier-mâché planets super strong which was fun and quite therapeutic but tiring on the hands! The evening was really lovely, we went round to a friend’s house and chatted with her and some of the girls from young adults and it was just a really lovely time.

Saturday Alex and I were at a women leaders conference called Kyria. It was a really great conference and God was definitely speaking which was exciting. I had some more confirmation about my calling which is always welcome! It also made me think about my leading styles and what that looks like and what I want that to look like which means I have to do some exploration into that but I am not afraid.

Sunday was a really nice chilled day. I cooked toad in the hole with roast potatoes for lunch which was delicious! In the evening I went to the worship service which was really good, really enjoyed worshipping in a familiar context, especially as I hadn’t been in so long.


  1. That my leadership becomes my own and not a ‘mass-produced’ thing.
  2. For a productive week of getting holiday club things finished

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