8th-14th May



I love writing this bit of my blog and looking back over the past week seeing how God has moved and how my prayers have been answered, even the tiny, seemingly insignificant ones.

This week has definitely been productive and it feels like things are very nearly there in terms of holiday club, we’ve just got to start packing the boxes for most of it!

I’ve discovered more about my leadership style! I’m now clear on how I lead best which is a massive answer to prayer as I was beginning to question if I was a leader!

Monday was a strange day. It involved a mix of office work and doing set. I felt quite ill so went home to bed after work and didn’t go to young adults. That made me sad but I definitely made the right decision as I felt s much better for it. IMG_1345

Ever heard of febric before?

Tuesday was a day of fun for me. I spent most of the day painting our dividers to look spacey which was super fun, I loved it. I finished off another few things for a game and for craft which was another tick on our very long to-do list. I went for a run after dinner and accidently ran 6 miles! I had meant to do 3 but got a bit carried away and forgot that I would have to run back the same distance!


Wednesday we had a team meeting which I took the minutes for. I quite like doing minutes, it means I’m more likely to concentrate because I have a job to do! That took up the whole morning so the rest of the afternoon for me was filled with making puzzles for games and cutting stars out of sponges! We made a right mess but it was great fun and actually quite therapeutic to cut sponge. In the evening we made a spontaneous decision to go for a BBQ at the boys’ house. That was really good fun and great food so you can’t go wrong!

Thursday was my study day. I sat out in the sun in the morning which was really nice, I read some bible and did some journalling that I had been needing to do for a while. It was a good day, nothing inherently bad about it but I just felt quite down and in a low mood which made things quite hard to do and stick to doing which I found frustrating but I also recognised that and gave myself enough grace to know that it wasn’t going to be my most productive study day. IMG_1359.JPGIn the evening Alex and I went over to Pete and Jack’s to watch Lord of the Rings. We spent a while after the film chatting and didn’t get home until 11:45! It was a late night but definitely worth it!

Friday was a really fun day, I didn’t feel too tired from the night before which was a blessing! I had intentional time with Jack and Rebi which was really good. We talked about dreaming and my leadership style and some other things but it was really nice to discover that with them and work out that I much prefer one to one investment and leadership than standing up in front of a crowd and delivering a talk. That was something I’d wanted to discover quite quickly because for me that is quite a vital thing in knowing where I fit in my role as a leader at this moment in time. The afternoon was filled with cutting out laminated resources which was an absolute delight, I love doing mindless tasks like that, also the glide of the scissors on laminate is just something else! After we’d done that we moved all the cut-outs from the old unit into the new one! It was hard work but a job that brought great satisfaction! We finished work and went to Sainsbury’s to buy a large amount of ice cream and some garlic bread! We then spent the rest of the night in front of the tv eating ice cream, it was a pretty great night!

Saturday was super chilled, I planned a session and then watched some QI so at least I was learning things whilst being lazy. But I enjoyed it being a relaxed day where I didn’t have to worry about much. We made lasagna for dinner which was gorgeous and definitely worth waiting for! We also finished off our ice cream from Friday night, whilst watching Eurovision which was horrendous tv but also quite funny to watch.


Forget-me-nots have quickly become one of my favourite flowers at the moment. 

Sunday was a pretty wonderful day. We went to church in the morning which was good, then we had a great dinner of leftover lasagna and garlic bread. Then we headed out to the garden, it was a beautiful day so why not! We found a frog who we named Frank which was an incredibly fun experience. The evening was super chill, we had no worship night which felt a bit weird but I got a bit creative and started re-doing my picture wall instead.FullSizeRender


  1. For fun and laughter, that this week will feel joyful and free!
  2. That next week’s study day will be fruitful and that I will encounter God through it.

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