15th-21st May


My study day was good I got some stuff done which felt like an achievement and it was definitely better than last weeks which is great. The week was definitely filled with laughter and good company and it was nice to feel at ease and not as if I had to be too ‘adult’ as such.

Monday I walked most of the way to work before realising that Alex was actually coming in and so could have given me a lift! We started the morning in prayer with our new 10 at ten prayer meeting where we pray for ten minutes every day at 10. After that I had a small chat with Pete about the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat. I’m a thermostat because I can change the atmosphere and that’s something I need to remember and start acting in, especially as I’m a leader. I went back to work and wrote up the minutes from our team meeting last week before setting out on processing the Gospel Flash card orders we had and doing some other admin things. We had a quick meeting to plan the weekend that’s coming up before having lunch. I started on making a new resource after lunch which was super fun!

In the evening I went to young adults and we looked at Esther 4. I was struck by how Esther had a difficult decision between the law and between God. I love that she chose God and the faith that she did that with because laws are something we’re told to obey and as a result of disobeying a penalty is incurred but even when Esther was faced with death her people mattered more to her.

Tuesday I spent the whole day finishing the resource I started on Tuesday. It felt like I hadn’t done much but it was definitely a job worth doing.

The evening was filled with making a cake for Alex for her birthday on Wednesday. I actually really enjoyed doing it which is a change as I usually hate cooking! I had a FaceTime with mum and dad and even a little bit with Dan which was nice, I realised I actually don’t mind my family too much, they’re pretty great humans. Rebi and I then decorated the house with birthday banners and balloons before heading to bed.

Wednesday was Alex’s birthday! We went out for breakfast in the morning, it was the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time, I really enjoyed it! Then we loaded some set into a van to go up to Scotland with Amy who set up Pulse with Pete. I then started on working on a guide for using the resource I’d made which was a slightly more boring task and I didn’t feel so inspired by it, sadly. The afternoon was a little bit disappointing in the fact that the jobs I was going to do couldn’t really be done as I didn’t have the right things to do the jobs. When we got home we carried on with Alex’s birthday fun and got pudding delivered which is probably a very dangerous discovery. It was a pretty great evening just chilling out with friends. IMG_1392.JPG

Thursday I was feeling quite exhausted and wasn’t really wanting to be around people which was hard and probably wasn’t that fun for the others either. I went for a walk and sat in the sun by myself and spoke with God about it. I headed back to work to help move the last little bits out of the old unit and into the new one which means that we’re pretty much moved out! The afternoon saw me cutting out a million little flames and laminating them before cutting them out again. It was a long job but it was quite therapeutic and I secretly enjoyed it. The evening was filled with introverting and resting with God before Alex and I went over to Pete and Jack’s to watch the final Lord of the Rings film.

Friday was my study day. I looked at Mark 5 and did some more on my prophetic pictures before packing my bags and catching the train home to Essex! It was a late night and I was absolutely shattered but it was a good day still.

Saturday I went down to the beach and just walked up and down enjoying the glorious sun, I had an ice cream too, rhubarb and custard flavour – potentially one of the greatest flavours to grace humankind. I met up with my brother and his girlfriend and we got donuts before heading home for dinner with mum and dad. We chatted around the table until 10ish before I headed to bed.

Sunday I was up early ready to give a notice at breakfast church. It was really great to be there again and to see everyone, I had actually missed the atmosphere quite a to and there’s always something about going back home to people you don’t see often and getting to catch up with them again. I did a notice in the main service too and I actually really enjoyed standing up there in front of people and talking to them, it sounds weird but it doesn’t make me that uncomfortable and I seem to have a knack for it. God definitely provided with prophetic pictures and with support from people which is an absolute blessing! I travelled back to Wolves late afternoon and chatted with Rebi and Alex before taking myself to bed to sleep!


  1. For a very productive week, that everything is ready so there is no stress
  2. That each one of the team sees God in the nooks and crannies of life
  3. That God is my strength this week – that I don’t do everything in my own strength

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