22nd-28th May


Generally I feel that all of the prayers I asked for were answered. I can’t speak for the rest of the team but I know that I definitely experienced God in the smallest places and that was a massive encouragement this week.

Monday was a really great day. I felt refreshed from the weekend and I’d slept really well the night before which had helped! I was sewing all day which was great fun. Sometimes it did go a bit wrong and I got frustrated but overall I loved doing it and it meant I could tick off a few more jobs from the list I have. It was so lovely and sunny that after work I went for a walk down to the canal and did some journalling, I didn’t want to waste the weather – especially as it only ever seems to be grey here! I went to young adults with Alex in the evening and we looked at Esther chapter 5. It was a short passage and didn’t really hold that much significance for me I don’t think but I still found it admirable how Esther walked into the king’s presence not knowing if she would find favour or not.

Tuesday was a pretty great day too! I got on sewing and made some adjustments to a costume we are using for holiday club. It’s looking pretty good if I’m honest and I had great fun making it so that’s a bonus. I made a rocket from a bottle which will be used for games at holiday club. Then wrote a little bit on John 3:16 as a promotional blessing for some postcards that we’ll be selling, I really enjoyed that task, it gave me great pleasure to be able to write an encouragement for people. We got home from work and made dinner and ate it outside because the weather was so beautiful! Then we took a trip to Sainsbury’s to get appropriate swim shorts for our mission on the weekend (we are doing water fun) – it turns out that men’s swimming shorts are so much better (and cheaper) than women’s! We got home and I headed upstairs to bed because I was pretty tired!


Alex found some teeny tiny shorts!

Wednesday I finished off my last final jobs and made sure I had done all that I could before the van got packed on Thursday.

Thursday was my study day. I looked at Mark 5 in more depth and then looked at Mark 6 too. I also started reading a book called ‘the introvert charismatic’ it’s an alright book actually – it’s good for those of us who want to understand more about being an introvert and it’s taught me a little more about what the word ‘charismatic’ means.

Friday we had the morning off to rest before the weekend mission. I read my book in the sunshine before all of us prayed together for the weekend. We set off for the mission early afternoon and got to the venue to set up. We had an evening session with the youth and kids (I was on youth). Our session went well, Jack, Rebi and I shared a bit about our testimonies and then at the end of the session two girls came over and chatted through some stuff. It was really great to see God using stuff straight away to open up new relationships with people and also it was great to see these girls so ready to respond to God.

Saturday there was a session in the morning where Rebi spoke and then I led a response activity. It felt like a good session and some people seemed to be really ready to open up and respond which was encouraging, but it still felt like there was some work to do for them to go deeper. The afternoon was filled with water games (despite the slightly chilly day). I got rather wet but it was really fun. We also did a seminar on church which was actually really great, we just asked the youth loads of questions about church and encouraged them to think about the real reason they go to church and why they go – it was quite interesting to watch them wrestle with why they go to church. We ran a session of chill in the late afternoon with was great, the youth got creative, played some games and then in the evening we had a big quiz. Team Pulse came last but it was a very church specific quiz so it was no wonder!

Sunday was my favourite day of the weekend. We started off with a session in the morning where Jack spoke. Again we had a time of response where we asked those who wanted prayer to stand up. Quite a few people stood up and I was amazed at how many were willing to make that bold step and say that they wanted prayer. It was cool to be reminded that God moves, that He doesn’t just sit quietly in the background but that He initiates change – I think also for me, it was really encouraging to see so many youth who wanted to be in the right place with God and who wanted to be changed and have that life changing experience with Him. The afternoon was free time so we read our books on the field and just spent time chatting with each other. Then in the evening we had a girls/guys seminar where we split both genders and talked about the issues facing them. We also talked about what we wanted to ask the opposite gender, statements we wanted to say to them and things we wanted to encourage them with. We shared all of these things around a campfire and it was so great to see that culture being born and looking so natural for them. It was also great to see the honesty that people approached the session with and also the way that each gender was honouring one another. Later the girls prayed for the boys and the boys prayed for the girls – I found that really powerful and it made me so thankful that we have each other to do that with. I think it was so powerful for me to be blessed by my brothers because that’s something I’ve never really experienced before. We then sang a few silly songs around the campfire and did the classic campfire things, it was really fun and great to feel like a part of family there. Everyone headed back to the youth room where we did some praying with people and it was really affirming to know that we had opened up something deeper for people, that the vulnerability we had modelled and encouraged had affected these young people and they wanted change to happen.


  1. For rest as we head down to Devon for a holiday club straight off of the back of a church weekend.
  2. That the holiday club goes well and any problems that may arise are ironed out quickly and smoothly.
  3. That team Pulse brings fun, laughter and joy to the church team in Devon & also that we just enjoy ourselves!

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