29th May-4th June


Rest was somewhat limited but I did manage to make it through the week which was an answered prayer in itself! All in all the holiday club was a success and our new theme seemed to work really well with any issues being worked out quickly. Although for many reasons this week was hard we managed to laugh still and I’d hope that those from Devon would say that they enjoyed it!

Monday was our last day at the church weekend. We spent the morning packing down our stuff and then in the ‘feedback service’ which was possibly the longest feedback session I’ve ever been in but every church weekend is a new experience! We had lunch before saying goodbye, packing the last things in the van and then heading back home again.

Tuesday we were up for 9am to travel down to Devon. Our journey was good so we were there by lunch time ready for setting up. We were setting up until 6 when we had dinner and then we went on to a prayer meeting. We walked around all the areas that the children would be and we prayed over those areas. We had a team brief before I headed to bed!Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 22.07.05.png

Wednesday was the first day of holiday club so I was up early ready for breakfast and team time. Pete spoke really simply but really well on God’s love. There’s something so powerful that that message brings each time and I can’t even explain it. we started the day and I was in red group – my least favourite group – but this time it didn’t seem too bad, the reds weren’t so daunting! I felt so tired the whole day so I was constantly fighting that, and there were a lot of changes to how things are normally done which made things feel much more difficult. I went off and had a bit of time alone with some cows which was fun, I realised that they’re pretty friendly and they’re more afraid of me than I am of them! We had dinner at the woman who organised the holiday club’s house. They had some border collie puppies that were the most adorable things you’ve ever seen and we got cuddles with them which was fun!

Thursday was a much better day, it didn’t feel like I was fighting things the whole day which was nice. I did team time in the morning on Matthew 16:13-15 thinking about who God is and who we say He is, also thinking about who am I to God. It was a beautiful day too which made things 100 times better. The day went quite smoothly and the new theme seemed to work really well. In the evening guys from YFC The sense and stance came and did an event but we all had dinner together and it was really nice to make relationship with them over food and get to know their stories. We went to their event and had a lot of fun dancing about. We played a bit of a game after as a team which was an absolute laugh and I really enjoyed myself!Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 22.06.33.png

Friday, the last day of holiday club. This was a hard day again, I had a child who was being really defiant for attention and I didn’t like having to tell him off but when he starts to throw objects at you something has to be said. Fortunately after he had been told that his mum would be called next time something happened he calmed down and behaved for the rest of the afternoon which was a blessing! We did as much pack down as we could before the parent’s evening happened but then after our action songs we managed to get the parents out of the marquee pretty quick before packing everything down and into the van. I went up the ladders and took down all the things from the walls and ceiling which was something I’d managed to stay away from but there’s no point in being afraid of ladders forever. Our journey home wasn’t too bad, it felt a lot longer than the journey down but I was with some great humans so all was well. We unpacked the van which, at 11pm, is a job no one really could be bothered to do but we did it anyway. We got home and I’m not really sure what happened between getting in and falling asleep but it happened!

Saturday I woke up quite early considering how tired I was! I packed my bags and got ready for when mum came. We loaded up the car and then drove to Tesco where we had lunch (or in my case breakfast) before doing a small shop and then driving on to the cottage we are staying at. I fell asleep in the afternoon and didn’t wake up until about 6 when mum and I made dinner. We then watched tv together before bedtime called.

Sunday I woke up at what I thought to be 8:45, it turned out to be 7:45 and I felt quite upset by that extra hour that I could have had. I made scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast before we headed out to church. It was quite a big church and had I not been so tired, I think I’d have enjoyed it more! We came home and I had a nap before having lunch and then having another 4 hour nap! Anyone would have thought I needed to rest! In the evening mum and I watched the concert for the victims of the Manchester bombing.


  1. A restful but great holiday with mum.
  2. Prayer for financial supporters for the next two years.
  3. For our next event – Summer of Service training – that great relationships will be built from that.

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