5th-11th June


I had a wonderful holiday with mum, it was great to get away and do stuff with her – read on for all the fun stuff!

Monday was a really great day. I didn’t get up until late morning but then we went out and explored a town called Market Drayton. Sadly there wasn’t really much there so we ended up sat in a tea room where we had a hot chocolate. It was orange flavoured and possibly one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever had! We had a little nosey around the charity shops before deciding that there was definitely nothing there of interest. We took a drive back where I was acting as the sat nav so who knows where we ended up but we found a garden centre the we stopped at for a minute just to look before discovering they only did roses and not the birdhouses that mum wanted to look at! We eventually made it home and I read my book for a bit before we decided to go on a little walk, we got some kindling for the log burner and I went and got some logs before setting my first ever fire! The first attempt failed a little bit but my second attempt worked much better and we had a fire for hours!

Tuesday was a rainy day again, which limited us in terms of appropriate outdoor activities to do so we went around garden centres all day. We started off having lunch at one before looking at bird feeders there and then going on to the next one and then on to the next one and then on to the next one which was like a retail store! We stopped at Morrisons on the way back and got some profiteroles to eat in the car – I think I’ll come on holiday more often if I get treats like that! I did some watercolour painting in the evening before watching tv in bed with mum for a little while.

Wednesday was our first dry day! We got up early (well, more like normal time) and went for a walk to the follies in Hawkstone Park. They’re pretty cool, although when mum warned me about the walking I didn’t really prepare myself for how much walking it actually was! Turned out to be a rather strenuous walk and I was definitely ready for the coffee and the brownie at the end of it!

We ate our lunch in the car and then went into Telford to see if I could get my phone fixed – that turned out to be a no-can-do so we headed back home and got ready for the evening. We had Alex, Rebi, Pete and Jack over for dinner. It was so lovely to spend an evening as friends and to mess about together!

Thursday I slept right through to lunch (I felt awful, like I’d wasted the day!). Mum and I then went up to a hill called The Wrekin and we definitely took the wrong path so never actually made it to the top but it was an experience anyway. We then headed off to Ironbridge where we walked along the Severn and got an ice cream and then walked a bit more to a playground where I managed to convince mum it was a good idea to go on the see-saw together!


Look at all the fun! 

Friday we packed up to leave and so by 9:30 we were out and on our way to Codsall to go to the village deli for brunch. It was great food – as always. We then dropped my stuff at home before heading to the office so mum could see it (she hadn’t seen the new office) and so that she could see if she could fix the sewing machine that I managed to break! Fortunately she managed it which means I can get busy again! Once we got home I said bye to mum and she headed home. I had a long chat with Alex which was really nice, we hadn’t had one in a long time and it was great to do that again. I spent some time in my room chilling out before coming downstairs where we all watched Friends together while I tried to fix my phone.

Saturday I finished off fixing my phone in the morning before reading some of my book – Around the world in 80 days – I then had a picnic in the park for lunch before taking a walk into town for my supersavers appointment. I was 20 minutes early and then it turned out that I needed a sight test as well so there wasn’t much point in me having my appointment that day, I changed appointment dates and walked back home again! I spent the evening watching chick flicks because I could!

Sunday I overslept so didn’t make it to church but I stuck my worship music on and worshipped in my room. In the afternoon I read some more of my book and tidied my room because it was super messy and I wasn’t liking it! I then wrote down all ,y dreams for the next year because not only is it a good thing to do, but I want to see how my life is blessed and changed through what I want to achieve.


  1. Prayer for financial supporters for the next two years.
  2. That this weekend is beneficial for those who are coming (SOS training)
  3. For fun and laughter at work

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