12th-18th June


I’m pretty sure we had fun and laughter at work, the atmosphere has shifted a bit and it definitely feels like we’re all a bit more free which is really great. The summer of service training went so well (read on to find out)…

Monday was really nice, it was great to get back into routine, back to normality as such. Alex and I prayed together in the morning while the others had a meeting. I did some odd jobs before we had a meeting about SOS and what we were doing/our roles. In the afternoon I started writing up a team time talk that I had done in Devon, I’m going to start making fully formulated talks so my stuff is well researched and thought out, it also means I won’t have to think of a new talk every time but will be able to recycle the good ones that are applicable for everyone. We went to young adults in the evening where we looked at Esther 7. The whole situation of everyone around a table and then suddenly Esther accusing Haman of his crime and he then realises he’s accidentally plotted to kill the queen and knows he’s in a slight pickle. The ultimate bit was when the king left his wine! I mean, they were massive fans of wine in Persia but to leave the wine – Haman was definitely in trouble!

Tuesday, what a wonderful day to be alive! I had a study day and it was an alright day so I decided to go to the canal and sit on the picnic bench to do my study. I saw some swans and their cygnets which was a nice surprise but it was really nice to walk the toe path and see the change from winter. I got to the picnic bench and saw a man from the waterways and canal trust trying to get the lock door to shut all the way (it seemed to be getting stuck before it could close properly). I got my stuff out and started doing my study for the day which was Mark 7 and 8. These chapters intrigued me, the disciples didn’t seem to get any of what Jesus was talking about and I didn’t understand that – they’d been around Him for how long and they still didn’t get what was going on? Mark 7 especially made me think about what my heart looks like – what is my heart attitude? Do my actions defile me? I loved in Mark 8 when Jesus says to the Pharisees “Why does this generation ask for a sign?” it reminded me of Hebrews 11:1 faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. In asking for a sign were the Pharisees showing their lack of faith in God? In the same way do we show a lack of faith when we test God?

While I was pondering all this two men sat down at the bench, they’d been helping at the lock and clearly spent a lot of time around the canal. They started chatting together in the way that old people do, talking about the birds and arguing over whether it was a wren or a warbler. I couldn’t help but smile to myself, their friendship was so simple yet utterly complex and it was beautiful to see. We got chatting about what I was doing, they seemed pretty curious about why it wasn’t revision that I was doing but a bible study. They left after feeding the birds, chatting about Henry, whose accent is so strong that “he needs subtitles”, and an invitation to join them again because “we’re down here most days”. I finished chapter 8 and left too. Walking back I couldn’t help feeling glad to have been a part of that moment in time, that small glimpse of simple relationship that makes the word go round, the appreciation of other people and their importance in this world. As I walked all I could see were relationships happening, from the old ladies chatting on the street corner, to the boys cracking open a beer together behind the shops and in that moment I realised I had forgotten what a wonderful gift it was to be a human.

Wednesday was a day in the office so I did a bunch of holiday club stuff, amending the games pack and sorting that out so it was all there. I then spent most of the day touching up some cut-outs that needed a bit of re-painting. In the evening Alex’s friend came over so we had some pizza and we made some garlic bread which was really yummy, we watched a bit of TV together before I headed to bed.

Thursday was a pretty weird day, I was in early to work because Pete’s mum was coming in to do some sewing and I had been charged with helping her. she was late so we didn’t start until about 10 but then we spent the whole day sewing black material for our truss. We finished work after running through the plan for our Summer of Service training on Friday.

Friday we had a late start, I finished off some more of the set painting before we packed the van ready to go. We took a trip to Waitrose for lunch and then Alex and I headed off to Aldi to do a shop ready for the weekend. Once we did that we headed to my church to help set up for the training. The evening was really good, Jack and I were doing worship and it was definitely inspired, Jack really followed what God was doing and that was incredible to see and be a part of. I shared a little bit of my faith journey which was really cool and we had some more testimonies which were really vulnerable and so powerful to listen to. It was awesome to start off the weekend like that.

Saturday we started pretty early with breakfast before going into teaching. We then did some holiday club training before lunch. After lunch we had safeguarding training and then we had a break before going into worship and then ending the training. We took the van back to the unit before heading to Sainsbury’s to grab some sorbet and then going home. Rebi and I watched tv late evening before we headed to bed.

Sunday morning I went to church where Rebi preached on ‘the harvest is plenty but the workers are few’ I really liked the metaphor of a harvest and how we are the workers to go out and reap that harvest, to bring those who are ‘lost’ into the truth. In the afternoon Alex and I went to Cannock chase with young adults where we had a picnic and went for a walk around the woods.


We came home and I read some of my book before we headed out to church in the evening. Again church was really good, Jack was preaching on Acts 3 and about how we should walk around in peace, seeing those around us in need and looking for how we can love them.


  1. For the upcoming holiday club trainings
  2. For financial support for the next two years
  3. That with all the travelling we’re doing we don’t feel too tired by the end of it!

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