19th-25th June


The holiday club trainings went well and were actually quite fun! I managed to keep going until Sunday when the tiredness hit me but it wasn’t too bad and I recovered quickly.

Monday we started late as we were doing training in the evening. We had an hour or so of catching up on emails and I packaged some gospel flash cards before we headed off to Preston. We had a traffic filled journey and so arrived a little bit later than planned. There was a lovely meal waiting for us, I had chicken and everyone else had salmon (which I tried) and there was buckwheat too which was a bit like couscous but it seemed healthier! We did the training and it seemed to go really well which is fab. FullSizeRender-2.jpg

Tuesday we started late after last night’s training so we only had half a day, I finished off some of the set stuff I had been doing and then did a bit of admin stuff and thought  about the mission we were doing over the weekend.

Wednesday we started work a little bit later, I made up a pack for the theme we were presenting to the holiday club volunteers and then we headed on our way! We travelled to Bristol where we met up with someone Rebi knew. We got ice cream together and it was all pretty great with the 33 degree heat! We left and went to the training where we had a chat with a guy called Pastor Pete, he was really nice and really friendly. We got pizza (possibly one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had) and then we got ready for the training. It all went pretty smoothly and we headed back home. They’d shut the M5 so we had to take a bit of a detour but we got home eventually at sometime in the morning!FullSizeRender-3

Thursday we started late again and so I got on with creating a craft that we could use over the weekend. I was having a lot of trouble with the printer and for some reason couldn’t print anything so spent most of my time trying to work that out. I was also charged with picking out some songs to do for the campfire so I wrote out the words for that and then had the same fiasco trying to print them!

Friday was kind of strange. We came into the office for an hour where we packed everything that we needed for the weekend and loaded it into the van before heading off to where we were meant to be. It took what felt like forever to transform the marquee into a fun space but we got there in the end! I played a game of volleyball with Pete before others joined in and we got a bit of a game going. Then we had food and a session with the kids. It was a crazy session and the kids were so excited that they just couldn’t behave in the slightest, definitely one of the hardest first days that I’ve ever had to do with kids and it felt like we spent more time having to tell them off than actually doing the fun stuff we were meant to! We had a bit of a sing around the campfire which I personally loved but I sang one song way too loudly and started to lose my voice which was terrible! The kids went to bed and some of us stayed out around the bonfire chatting which was great (I love a good old chat). This later turned into dancing and I, for some reason, found myself dancing terribly alongside a middle aged man for at least two hours! The dancing was really cool though because, although it was dreadful, I really enjoyed myself doing it and I felt really free in that. I then had a conversation with the guy and through speaking with him I had a few revelations about myself, I guess you would say they’re baby revelations but they feel so big and significant which is really awesome.

Saturday was a really great day. We started off in the morning a little bit sleepy but we soon perked up at breakfast. We sat with the youth and conversation was pretty good, started to challenge them with things – one guy has neighbours he isn’t too happy with and I challenged him to start loving them, maybe invite them over for tea or something. He found that a pretty hard challenge. The kids were much better than yesterday and we managed to get some teaching done which was good, it was still quite hard with a lot of them as they were asking loads of questions that didn’t really relate to the topic but we got a good balance between answering them and still coming back to the teaching. Lunch again was great time for us to chat with the youth and I really enjoyed getting to know a couple of them a bit more. We did our kids session in the afternoon before joining the youth for the last part of theirs to help with pastoral and praying with people. We packed up after having a chat with one of the girls and headed back to the unit where we chatted and had a good cry together – happy and sad tears but it was definitely a significant moment for mine and Alex’s friendship and I love that so much!

Sunday I went to a different church as the service was by one of the people who leads young adults and I wanted to support him in that. He did a really great job on quite a difficult passage. I had the house to myself in the afternoon so cooked dinner and wrote some of my blog before everyone came home again. I didn’t go to church in the evening because I felt quite tired and so headed to bed!


  1. For the remaining trainings we are running
  2. For Steph who is doing work experience with us this week

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