26th June-2nd July


The last couple of trainings seemed to go really well which was great and Steph seemed to really enjoy work experience, it was great having her!

Monday was my day off. I had a bit of a lie-in and read my book, did some jobs around the house, tidied my room and just chilled, catching up on rest which was nice. In the evening I had training at a church in Wolverhampton. That went really well and the church team seems really great and totally up for holiday club which is always a nice thing to see.

Tuesday I had a late start because I’d worked the night before. I walked in to work with the girl who was doing work experience, she was quite chatty which was great, nothing worse than trying to make conversation and it falling flat on every attempt! I had a pretty productive day making the costume for Neil arming our memory verse character. That was a time consuming job but it was finally done which meant I could tick it off of my list of to-dos!

Wednesday I had a study day. I looked at Mark 9. I found it a really confusing passage and didn’t understand it that much but Jesus was doing some pretty cool things in that passage which is always fun to learn and discover about. I did a bit of baking in the afternoon but had an absolute mare because I hadn’t read the recipe and so put the flour in at the wrong time and that meant that it went absolutely everywhere! IMG_1562.JPG

Thursday I was back in work like normal. I started writing a script for our Gospel website 10ten so we can shoot a video for youth. It was super hard and I set myself quite a hard challenge of doing a poem/spoken word type thing. I for one hate poetry so there is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why I chose to do that!

Friday I worked from home because no one was in the office and I couldn’t be bothered to walk in and work by myself. I was somewhat productive, I wrote a new script as the last one had been scrapped and I went with a different approach. I also started writing out a couple of team time talks so that I have them prepared for during the summer. The day felt really long and went super slowly and I couldn’t concentrate very well at all which made things a lot harder but I managed to get some of my work done which is better than nothing.

Saturday I had a super lazy morning and didn’t get up until mid morning/early afternoon. We then went to go outdoors with Jack and Pete – a bit of a shopping trip to get a camp bed and a sleeping bag. We then grabbed some lunch from Aldi and had a picnic in the park together. That was really nice and pretty fun. We came home and then cooked a leg of lamb and had a couple of friends over to share it with us. It was a pretty decent day.

Sunday we had church in the morning which was strange, there were 2 drama/sketch things that were quite funny! The service was all about rest which was fitting considering the season that Pulse is going in to with al of the holiday clubs. I slept in the afternoon because thee’s nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap. Then it was off to church in the evening for the worship service.


  1. For a feeling of refreshment and renewed energy
  2. That in the upcoming weeks I am relying fully on God’s strength and not my own

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