3rd-9th July


My prayer requests last week were quite a big ask for me. My sleep and refreshedness (is that even a word?) was an up and down situation, I had a couple of days feeling really refreshed and then some feeling really really tired. As for working in God’s strength and not my own I think that was one I’m still working on and getting accustomed to, I’m not really sure if that happened or not!

Monday was a normal day in the office. It felt like we hadn’t had one in a long time! I did some alterations to a warm up costume that we have so that it’s now able to be worn without looking like you’ve put on a sack! I finished the last little bit of the script I had been writing. Then I had a chat with Jack about the upcoming mission that we are doing and we finalised some stuff for that. I got on with ordering some bits we need for the mission and also with writing a talk that I’m doing on how God equips us for our mission. I guess it’s kind of fitting that I’m doing that, as a missionary and as someone who God has equipped to do that! It was quite a productive day which was really good to feel.

Tuesday was my study day, I took the day quite slowly and just spent time on things which was a nice feeling. I wrote up my thoughts on Mark chapter 9 so that I’d have something to come back to later on and I read through chapter 10. I had a phone call with mum which was really nice just chatting to her, especially as we hadn’t faceted in two weeks! I weeded the garden and spent time with God while I was doing it, it was really peaceful and I enjoyed myself doing it!

Wednesday was a weird day. I was struggling with my talk so Pete offered to help me with it and we spent a good few hours talking about how I could do it and we also chatted through some other things that I was struggling with. We then had lunch and did some worship and praying which was really cool and a really rewarding time. When work finished Alex and I walked to the pub so that we had some intentional time together and we met Rebi there for dinner. It was a lovely meal and then we walked home and had an ice cream because it was sunny so we could!

Thursday was a day of writing up my talk and preparing everything for the weekend. It wasn’t an interesting day to write about sadly but it was productive and I felt a lot better about writing and delivering my talk. FullSizeRender-4

Friday we had the morning off in preparation for the weekend. I finished my packing and then we left at 11:30, we hit some traffic and so were delayed but we eventually got to the train station to pick up one of our team. We drove to the site and set up our tents, I was not too thrilled about having to camp but sometimes we just have to get on with things. We set up our venues and then headed over for the barbecue because we were hungry! The barbecue was running late so we just chatted with the Rock UK guys which was great, I loved getting to know them a bit more and building that relationship between us. We had a session in the evening where I welcomed with Jack and then he spoke on ‘What if’ and what if the things we know about God are true, it was really cool and he used this video here to kick things off. I really like this guy, some of his other stuff is pretty awesome too! We did a bit of a debrief and then we headed to bed.IMG_1577

This green carpet was the worst thing ever, it literally ripped your skin apart

Saturday was an early start ready for a 9am session. I hosted with a guy called Jake who was on team – I really enjoy hosting, definitely something I find really fun! I was also in the worship band with Jack and. girl called Leah which was awesome, I really love doing worship with them, it feels so authentic and natural and I love the whole intimate/acoustic vibe that we have going on. The talk was delivered by Jess (not me,  different one!) and it was on mission characters – Paul, Lydia and Peter. I love that she chose three people who were so different Paul who was good with words, Lydia who invited people into her home and Peter who expected the extraordinary. We had the whole afternoon to do whatever we liked, I spent most of it with Jack practising for worship with the ‘actual band’. It was a strange experience going from just me and Jack doing worship to 8 people in a band. We had in-ears which was a brand new experience for me and super weird but I got used to it and I even managed to bag myself a bit of a solo which was kinda cool. In the evening we had a final session for the day. This was what felt like a really hard session, we worshipped and stuff and that went well, Jack spoke a bit about his testimony and we had a bit of response time but it felt like the whole time we were fighting against something and that was really hard. I went to bed because I felt really rough. FullSizeRender-3

Sunday I again felt really bad and down and I really didn’t want to do my talk. Jack tried to help me to do it but I knew it wasn’t really right and that I couldn’t deliver it well. So we changed our plans last minute and the other Jess took over and did my talk. In the afternoon, after chatting with Rebi and Jack we decided it was a good idea for me to take some time by myself with myself so I just sat by the canal which was peaceful and definitely made my soul rest a bit easier. I came back for lunch and then went of again and listened to a podcast by Rob Bell (episode 9 f you’re interested) about ‘the good gift’ it’ a really good talk on how we can be ‘eucharist tired’ meaning that we’ve served and are tired as a result of giving out. It put a lot of things into perspective for me and helped me understand a it more about the differences in what my tiredness is – I think it’s enabled me to be a bit more specific in what my tiredness is as a result of. We had our final session where we did a bit of a commissioning response and we anointed people’s hands with oil if they wanted to be a part of God’s mission, that was a really cool moment and I had a little boy who was probably 7 come up and have his hands anointed and afterwards it was really encouraging to see his leaders pray for him about that. We then packed some final things into the van before heading off home. Two of the people on the weekend made an awesome vlog about the weekend which is definitely worth a watch – it’s provided us with endless amounts of laughter! It will also give you more of an idea about the kind of things we do! You can find it here.


  1. For a great 4 days at home next week.
  2. For rest leading up to the manic 6 weeks of summer.
  3. For the upcoming events over the summer – that kids will have an awesome time and experience Jesus in a super real way that becomes a pivotal moment in their journeys.

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