10th-16th June


I had a wonderful 4 days at home and really enjoyed myself and being able to spend time with my family! The other requests were about the future so in the coming weeks hopefully you’ll be able to see those prayers being answered!

Monday we all had a day off. We had pancakes for breakfast which was a delightful treat to wake up to! I spent most of my day in bed chilling because I couldn’t be bothered to do much and it was quite miserable outside so I couldn’t even go for a walk like I’d hoped. Then in the evening we had young adults, that was pretty cool, we have finished Esther so had a bit of a mock ‘purim’ celebration where we shared stories of God’s faithfulness in our lives and ate some super yummy Jewish pastry things called ‘Hamantaschen’ which means ‘Haman’s pockets’. They were super tasty despite being named after the evil villain of the story!

Tuesday was a fab day, I set up and dismantled a postcard stand to check it all worked. Then I wrote my blog because there was no wifi over the weekend so I couldn’t do it. After I’d done that I moved on to writing a team talk which took up most of the day and a lot of my brain power! We headed home and then got ready for life-group social making yummy food to eat and tidying the house. Everyone arrived and we had food and chatted a bit before playing a game of articulate – it’s definitely one of my favourite games to play! We cleared up after everyone had gone and then we had a bit of a chat about life and going home which was really needed and I think I needed to chat some things over which was cool that it could happen.

Wednesday I was doing some odd jobs, finishing off bits and doing some tiny little finishing touches to documents and set etc. I also helped proof a Gospel tract which looks incredible. At ten to 4 we decided to start filming a video for our Gospel website. It was great fun with lots of paint! Even though we ended up doing a 12 hour day it didn’t feel too much like work and I got my creative on which is always a pleasure! FullSizeRender-5

Thursday I had the morning to pack and get ready to go home before getting a train in the afternoon. The trains were all running late and I got a bit stressy because I was worried about missing the connecting train that was a booked train. Fortunately that train had been cancelled so, although it was inconvenient and there was an hour delay, there was another train going to London. Turned out that a workman had cut a wrong wire and so all the trains to London had been cancelled. So 5 hours later I made it home!

Friday I got up really early to go swimming with mum. I had a nice slow swim in the slow lane because I’m a dreadful swimmer and I knew I would inconvenience people! Then we got out and went to the sauna where we chatted a bit with the people mum has made friends with. Then we did a quick shop at lidl before going to priory park and walking around the museum because we could. In the afternoon my friend came over and we had a catch up which was really nice, I haven’t seen her in a while so it was great to see her again. We watched a film in the evening before heading off to bed.

Saturday was another early start as we were going to the beach. We went to Frinton beach so had to get up to have enough time there before Dan had to go to his school for Jazz night rehearsals. It wasn’t a great day for the beach but in between the rain spatters we went for a swim and went in the canoes, even played ‘it’ on the sand! It was good to spend time with people and do the things we used to do as kids.


We came home and then I showered and watched some TV before doing mum’s hair and getting ready to go to this Jazz night at Dan’s school. It was a pretty good event and some of the people we saw were quite talented which is always a blessing in a school environment!

Sunday we headed to church in the morning and then we had dinner which was roasted duck, haggis and veggies. Possibly the weirdest combination I’ve ever come across but it worked surprisingly! We had syrup pudding for dessert which was incredible – my mum is a pretty good cook! I went and saw my grandparents for a bit before heading off to the train station to go back home to Wolverhampton!


  1. That the next three days in the office will be productive and not too stressed as we pack for the summer missions
  2. That the team feels rested and ready to go
  3. For the SOS interns who will be having crazy revelations about life and about God

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