17th-23rd July, 24th-30th July, 31st July-6th August


Our week was really productive and we did manage to get everything done which was an answer to prayer! I know the SOS interns have had some breakthrough which is what I long to see and so I’m just praying that it continues throughout the weeks with the other interns!

The past couple of weeks have been manic and I’ve not managed to find the time to write my blog. The next 4 weeks could hold anything so I have idea what will happen with my blog so don’t be too expectant! Here is a quick overview of what’s been going on:

17th-23rd July

This week was mainly preparation for holiday club and so we spent a lot of time on last minute jobs, getting things ready for packing and then packing the van! On the Friday I headed off to New Wine with Megane. We got to the site and set up our tent in the rain which was and interesting experience and I’m glad I do not go camping very often! We put some things up at our stand but because it was raining we didn’t bother to do too much as we didn’t need to be set up until 5pm on the Saturday so then we went to do a shop at Aldi  so we had some food for the week! The Saturday we set up our stand and chilled for most of the day before exhibiting in the evening. Sunday we went to a talk in the main tent before heading off to exhibit for the whole day.

24th-30th July

The rest of the week was filled with exhibiting each day, we swapped in and out to go to seminars and for lunch which was great fun! We had loads of great conversations with people who came to the stand. I really enjoyed having conversations and getting to give out spiritually to these people. I even went for coffee with a complete stranger which was cool, it was hard work but she really needed some investment so I was happy to sow into that. It was great spending time with Megane and getting to know her more and discovering more about myself and the journey that God is taking me on in this season. I felt super full of Holy Spirit coming away from that week which was super awesome. FullSizeRender-4

31st July-6th August

This was the start of our Bristol holiday club. I was prepared for a super hard week and to be absolutely exhausted by the end of it. The week in itself wasn’t too bad, the kids were apparently so much better than in pervious years which is a blessing. My role this week was to do one-on-one with the children who found it difficult to integrate in the normal programme of the day. This meant that I worked with an autistic child for three days. The first day was just spent running around after this boy just to make sure that he was safe. It was absolutely exhausting and I was dreading the next day but when he arrived he was pretty calm and went straight up to our sensory room to play with the stuff in there. A couple of people then took it in turns to look after him while I led a small group but he’d come and find me and say that he wanted to go upstairs with me which was touching – I’d clearly made an impact on him. The third day he was there and I answered the door to him and as I was walking to the door he started jumping up and down excited to see me. It’s really lovely knowing that I’ve made a difference to his week and even his life, and I love that he was excited to come each day. I think the most rewarding thing for me was that we could have a full conversation by the end of the week and he would ask me things and say what he wanted to do which was a massive thing considering he didn’t say a word on the first day! It was a tiring week but I loved every moment of it. IMG_1629

I’d gone a bit doo-lally by the end of the week!


  1. That our Saturdays between mission are super restful and that we can recover within the time.
  2. That I grow in my faith through the next weeks and that I discover more about what my call looks like in practise.

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