28th August – 3rd September


We finished the week pretty well and I know I definitely did my best! I don’t think I’d have got through the week without praying for strength from God so definitely an answered one!

Monday – Friday

we were in Bath again except this time we were at a different church. I found this week quite tough because I was just so tired! We set up on the Monday ready to start on Tuesday (the bank holiday meant we had two days off which felt like luxury!) and then we did the holiday club for the remaining four days. I fronted with Pete which was fun but equally exhausting -you never  really realise how much energy it takes until you actually do it!

We get some pretty bad ‘fan-mail’ I got given this little present which resembles something like a toilet brush!

On one of the evenings as a team we spent some time with God which I really valued, I loved just being able to spend time in His presence resting and I was renewed with a sense of calm which was awesome. The week seemed to go pretty smoothly despite us being tired and it was exciting to know that we were coming to the end of the 6 weeks.

Saturday I had an ‘exit interview’ type thing in the morning where we chatted about my journey over the year, the good things from that and the not so good things and I did some claiming and renouncing of those things which was pretty powerful and a really great end to my year! Then we got ready to go for our end of summer meal, it was gorgeous food and despite being absolutely shattered I had great fun!

Alex and I having a last cuddle as interns! 

We went back to Pete and Jack’s for games and just to hang out which again was really lovely before heading home and sleeping!

Sunday I didn’t go to church, I was far too tired and frankly we can worship God anywhere, not just in the building we call church. I then got the train back home, I was really dreading the journey as I knew it would be extra long and in a post-summer tired state I wasn’t sure if I’d make it home on the right train. Fortunately God definitely had a hand on my movements and every time I guessed where I had to go it was the right place! I got home and went out to the youth group to see everyone. I had some awesome chats but most notably one with my cousin Lucy, it was actually incredible and in the two or three years she’s been coming to the youth group I’ve never had such a deep and open conversation with her. I loved seeing how God was blessing my day in the small things and the big things!


  1. Good rest over the next two weeks
  2. For awesome conversations
  3. That I will be an encouragement to those that need it

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