11th-17th September

I definitely rested well! I feel super relaxed and ready to go again! I hope I’ve been an encouragement but I guess I’ll never really know that which is actually kinda beautiful! Dan and I were super safe and any things that went wrong were quickly ironed out which was a blessing! 

Monday was our first day in Mallorca! We spent most of the day on the beaches. The first beach we went to was very touristy and had a lot of people so after lunch we ventured down the coast and found Magaluf which was also very touristy!


We stopped for a little bit and chilled by the water before heading back to nearer our hotel and finding a different, really tiny rock beach. It was such a beautiful day and I really enjoyed getting to not do a lot and just relaxing.

Tuesday we decided that we’d go the other way along the coast and so walked for a bit until we found a beach down a road, we stopped there and swam and then sunbathed until we got bored and decided to see if we could find any other beaches along the way. We walked along and saw a couple of beaches in the distance so decided we’d try for those.

We walked along this really precarious path that had pretty much been made just by people walking over it. We jumped into the sea from some rocks before realising there was an actual beach just around the corner! We headed over to that and spent the rest of the day there.

Wednesday we got up super early, had breakfast and then caught a bus to the capital where we got another that took us up to the North of the island. We then headed down to the beach we had been planning to go to. When we got there I sat on the rocks for a bit before going in the water. I saw so many fish! It was really weird swimming about and knowing all these fish were also swimming around me. I guess it happens at Southend but you can’t see them there! We then went to a fish restaurant on the beach, it was possibly the most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to but we were on holiday so we could splash out a bit.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to work out how to catch the bus to another part of the island so we could get a tram home. We missed the first bus so had to wait another hour for the next one and decided we’d get ice cream on the way. When we finally got to the right place we had a bit of a walk to get to the tram station but we got on and saw a lot more tunnel than scenery which was not what we thought would happen!

What a wonderfully candid photo of my brother!

We got a final bus back to the hotel, had dinner and then checked that we had a transfer for the airport the next day. I’m glad we looked because our details were not there which meant we had to phone up but no one picked up. I tried not to worry about it and so we went for food and then to bed!

Thursday I dealt with the transfer issue, fortunately it was just that we weren’t listed, we did have a transfer which was an absolute blessing! We spent and hour at the beach before having to check out of our hotel. We thought we’d take a trip to Aldi to get some food for lunch and dinner but it was further than we thought so we gave up on that idea and went to a local supermarket instead. Our transfer came and we got through the airport and got home again safe and sound.

Friday I didn’t get up until late so I did a bit of washing and then went to go and see my friend from college. We chatted for a couple of hours which was nice, good to catch up with her again. I headed home and then watched some TV which promptly led to me falling asleep on the sofa!

Saturday I finished off making a birthday present and then got myself ready to go out to a birthday party! It was a super cute party and I got to chat with all my church friends about life and things. I loved chatting with them properly, you only get so much depth from a Sunday morning. I stayed at the party for a long time and then walked home to see mum and dad who were just back from their holiday.


Sunday I went to church in the morning. It was good but I’m realising how much I’ve changed from who I used to be and that actually I don’t enjoy the things I used to. I know that I’m no longer challenged by some things and have to find my challenge elsewhere. We then had a lovely roast dinner for dad’s birthday and then it was time for me to get my train home! It was so nice being back with Rebi and Alex again and I had definitely missed them and the community we live in a lot.

  1. For a productive week in the office.
  2. For fun as family again.

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