18th – 24th September

It has definitely been a productive week, we’ve got loads done and pretty much caught up on the backlog from the summer! Us girls have definitely fallen straight back into being family together which is so lovely and it is amazing knowing that I can come back and fall into that pattern easily again, but also that I have that kind of love to come back to in Wolverhampton.

Monday was our first day back in the office! It was so good to be back and in a ‘normal’ routine again, it was only getting back into the swing of things I realised how much I missed what I’d been doing and also how much I love what I do. I was in charge of counting up the money from our sales over the summer. That took me most of the morning as things got a bit confusing and my maths didn’t seem to add up in a lot of places! We went down to the unit in the afternoon and tackled some of the sorting and tidying that needed to be done after the summer missions.  We made a pretty decent dent in the task which was a great feeling! In the evening we headed to young adults. We’re looking at ‘The distorted image of self’ which is a cool topic, although I’m finding it hard to do a topic with bible verses applied to the topic as opposed to a book of the bible with the topics applied. We looked at the idea of God-reliant or self-reliant. I really liked this as it enabled me to identify some areas of my life that I’ve not given God complete control over and then pray about those areas.

Tuesday we did much the same, I sorted out some emails and packaged some products. Then we spent a majority of the day sorting and tidying the unit.

In the evening I drew out a verse for my Instagram the next day. I’m finding it super fun, it’s like a little outlet pf creative and it has a purpose which is always helpful for me. I’m also realising that it’s helping me to love my Instagram page again, I went through a bit of a phase of really hating it and not finding it very inspiring at all which was really hard. Fortunately I’m finding life in it again.

Wednesday was again sorting the unit and tidying up the very last bits. We started on doing labels for everything which now means that every box has a label and a place to live which is so satisfying and a system I am so thankful for! I got a new photo for the website which I’m loving!

The evening was spent with us just chilling out together, we chatted about some stuff and just had really good time as friends.

Thursday we did some office admin before heading to the tip to get rid of all the rubbish from the unit and then into town to pay in money and do some odd jobs. Then in the afternoon we helped Jack sort the tech and we got to label all of that which hopefully means it will all go back in the right place! It was definitely a very productive day.

Friday I had a retreat day. This is a day where we can sort of do what we want but it’s also time for us to invest intentionally in our relationship with Jesus. I spent the morning listening to the sermons from the last two weeks of church that I’d missed. We’re doing a series on ‘The way of Jesus’ which is looking at discipleship and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m loving the theory behind some of the practices that I’m doing already and behind some of the ones that I plan to take up! Then off the back of something from the sermon I wrote out a list of people and I’ve committed to praying for three of them a day. As someone who has a heart to see people grow and develop, prayer is one of the easiest ways I can do that when I’m not around to see them. I also realised that I have loads of free time, for example in the morning when I eat breakfast, I don’t really think about anything, why not think about these people and pray for them! I then spent a majority of the afternoon working on a page in my history book (It’s a leather-bound book with watercolour pages and it’s for drawing and expressing your heart to God). I used the prompt that asked me to think about the areas in my life that I’ve seen God answer my prayers and as I was doing it I just felt really overwhelmed by all the stuff God has done in my life, especially in the areas that I didn’t even realise I was praying about. I cooked dinner in the evening and then Rebi and I went to pets at home to look at fish stuff…

Saturday I went out for lunch with my friend Leah. She’s an absolute gem and we chatted for 4 hours! I loved spending time with her and chatting with her about God and the upcoming year for her and tonnes of other stuff. I’ve realised more and more that both my spiritual and blood family is full of heavily influential women who have an awesome gift of speaking and who have all been oppressed at some time and I’m noticing that a lot of them have suddenly started to find their voice and not be afraid of being in positions of leadership. It’s super cool to know that I come from that kind of family and it reminded me of Exodus 1:12 where the Israelites were being oppressed but were still fruitful and still multiplied in greater numbers than Pharaoh ever dreamed of.  I’m really starting to enjoy doing relationships with girls well, it’s an absolute joy and I’ve definitely found some cracking friends to do it with! Looks like my mum’s original prayer that I wouldn’t be lonely is being answered! I had an optician’s appointment in the afternoon so now my eyesight is all sorted and I even got a free pair of glasses!

Sunday we went to church, that was okay but I really enjoyed catching up with some people and building on those relationships again. After church we went home and cooked dinner before getting a text from pets at home that our tank had arrived. We came home and set that up before then going and getting three little fishes for the tank! It was a day of massive excitement!








We headed to church in the evening where we talked about joy which is my favourite fruit of the spirit (not that we get to choose which one we get, it’s more of a package deal!). just before the end of the service two men walked in off of the street and wanted to light a candle. When the service had ended we went and got food for the guys and chatted with them a bit and they said that they would be coming along to the services in the future. It was really encouraging to be able to impact these guys life in a really simple and yet enormous way.

  1. For the upcoming youth event we’re doing
  2. The guys we met on Sunday evening.
  3. For the office to be filled with fun and joy

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