25th September – 1st October

The youth event went pretty well, I’d definitely say it was a success! The office had tough its and good bits but that’s life and sometimes answered prayer doesn’t mean that every day is then filled with all the things you asked for!

Monday was pretty much a day of meetings. We started off with an office meeting to make sure we were all on the same page before going on to meetings about church weekends coming up etc. This took up a majority of the day and so the rest was filled with admin and data entry. In the evening we headed to young adults where we looked at stuff to do with loving and therefore forgiving others.

Tuesday I led prayer with a focus on team, specifically those who intern with us over the summer or help us out on missions, I really felt like it was what God wanted us to pray about that morning which is cool, I love listening to God on the areas that we need to feel convicted in within our prayers. For the rest of the day I did some data entry and reading around youth, keeping up to date with the world and its statistics.

Wednesday we started the day off praying about Wolverhampton, it was a really good time of prayer that I thourroughly enjoyed and really loved praying for those in and around where we live. The morning I then filled with putting together the numbers from our online shop so we have things to present to our trustees about our resources and income. The afternoon we had a meeting about the summer and about tightening up our holiday club themes. That went well but took up the whole afternoon and was actually quite draining when trying to think about all the things you’d forgotten over the summer!

Thursday I wrote my talk for the coming weekend, it was a pretty much straight run in terms of it being quite an easy and quick talk to write, the least problematic one that I’ve written so far! I then drew a resources that we could use for the weekend and I also planned or next weekend so that I wouldn’t have to stress about that when it came to going away over the coming week. I walked home as the others had a retreat day and had some really good time alone in my own head which I was definitely grateful for!

Friday we spent half a day in the office before travelling to Manchester to do a youth weekend away. These were some hyper and very chatty youth, more chatty than your classic Friday night youth group, as in all the time one person was talking! We played some games with them and then Rebi told the Gospel using the story of the prodigal son as a parallel of God’s love. The youth were pretty well engaged with it which is awesome!

we found this little delight staring at us in the bedroom at our host home!

We then travelled to our host home where Rebi and I discovered we were staying on a bunk bed, this is all sorts of fun as an adult. I had one as a kid and it was fine but as an adult you don’t tend to feel too safe on them, especially when it’s so wobbly that when you itch the whole frame moves an unnaturally large amount! It was good fun though!

Saturday we did the morning session on how to Gospel fits in with scripture. Jack led this super well and you could definitely see the youth start to understand the context of why a bit more. We then had the afternoon off so went and found a coffee shop in Manchester City centre where I started a book called practicing passion. So far it’s a good book with some really great one liners in, I’m looking forward to getting more into it.

We popped into guitar heaven whilst in Manchester just to have a browse!

The evening brought with it my talk. I was a little apprehensive but nothing in comparison to what it used to be before I was about to speak to a bunch of people!  I did my talk and God used my words to do some cool stuff in people and I think it definitely stirred some stuff for others which is always good to see happening and to see young people encountering God because if what He’s said through me blows my mind every time.

Sunday I felt super tired but got on with it anyway. We finished off Jack’s session on how the Gospel fits in with scripture and then got the youth to respond to what they’d heard. It was an absolute pleasure to see these youth really affected by what Jack had said to them and to see them really wanting something for themselves, not just a blind faith or a’because my parents come’ faith but an actual meaningful something in their life. There was something special about the moment they were asked ‘who wants the Gospel to mean something to them and for it to affect their lives’ and a majority of the room put up their hands. In the afternoon we travelled to Cliff college where I got dropped off ready to start my teaching week for my youth mission and ministry course!

  1. That my teaching week is not too intense
  2. That I rest well
  3. That my brain can cope with it all
  4. For quick forming bonds with the people on my course

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